Kayley is 6 days old

Plugged ducts. Ugh!!! I felt achy all over last night and yesterday afternoon… not a good sign. I may have to pay another visit to the Lactation Consultants. We have really good ones here.
Kayley got moved up to 52 cc last night. Little peanut is back to her low of 6-9 again. She was still on the highest cannula settings despite having perfect respiration rates and oxygens sats all day. The night nurse wasn’t one who felt like she could change the settings though. She said the dr would probably do it in the morning.
We also ought to find out if her c-reactive proteins come back still elevated or if the infection scare is done with. So far cultures have revealed nothing.
Evening update:
Well… they didn’t do the c-reactive protein test… hmmpf. But according to our calculations, she should have finished up her 7 days of antibiotics today… so perhaps she’ll be IVless tomorrow!
Nasal cannula set one point lower… now at power level 4. Slow going but it’s moving down. Kayley looks great and is breathing great so I anticipate it being lowered tomorrow. Despite having her feeds upped to 55, she lost another ounce today. My lil peanut weighs 6 lb 8 oz now.
She’s not yet in clothes… but the nurse tonight said she might put her in something after her bath. Maybe we’ll have a cute picture tomorrow night?
Kayley can be amazingly alert! She seems to sleep just as soundly too! I finally feel she is getting to know me… distinguishing me from all the other people.
Still no BFing but the plugged ducts are a little better. I never got a fever so OB didn’t prescribe antibiotics. I’m also watching a red line that has appeared about my incision… might be infection or blood that has collected under the skin. I was told to trace it with a marker and see if it gets bigger.
The pump and I are duking it out. I seem to be on the sucker (har har) all the time. I did not increase in supply very much today. I am hoping for better results tomorrow. After this pumping I will have made about 1 oz more today than she took in.