Kayley is 5 days old

I took a pumping break and went 5 hours without last night. Does the mind and spirit good! I made my first 2.5 oz full bottle this morning! I’m ahead of her now! She’s at 1 1/3 oz per feeding.
Just getting impatient for her to be off cpap and get a little more interactive with her!
I could use some positive thoughts for a good first breastfeeding, whether it be today or tomorrow.
Some answers to questions I’ve been asked…
I guessed 8-5 and the OB, as I was on the OR table, guessed 8 1/2. LOL! You should have seen the fountain of amniotic fluid though- it went straight up!
The boys are fine- now that I am mostly home- but they were showing stress, definitely.
Note to self- 4 adults (our parents and 1 aunt) who aren’t used to each other in one house is a baaaad idea. Just sayin’.
I’ve had one breakdown (when I heard about the automatic 7 day stay) and a couple teary moments (like when Kayley got her cpap mask adjusted and was clawing her face to get it off). DH also has had one breakdown moment… he’s mortified, lol. I was in the shower when the OB came to visit and asked how we were doing. He sobbed out the story to her… apparently for the entire 10 min I was in the shower. Poor guy.
Evening Update:
CPAP is off! But I just found out the nasal cannula might take several days to wean her from. Opinions differ but general consensus seems to be cannula + BFing is not a good idea. She might breathe in milk. I wonder if they’ll let her off the cannula when it is set lower when it’s time to eat or I’ll have to wait until she’s weaned from it too… or what? She is still fed by OG tube (mouth to stomach). She’s now taking 48 cc every 8 hours. Such a challenge keeping up. I might make 70 cc 2x at night but the other pumpings are anywhere from 40 cc to 48 cc. 8x a day is so hard. 7 is easier… but 7 may just not be enough.
Sigh. I’m tired. But Kayley looks pretty darn good! I held her the entire time we were there today! She has very alert times and is a wiggler, lol.