The baby food trials list

Rice as filler in bottles for reflux- didn’t work
Pear- 🙂
Plum- :D! HOMEMADE Sep 12
Banana- 🙂 FRESH Sep 16
Avocado- FRESH Sep 20 🙁
Bananacado- FRESH Sep 20- didn’t like any better
Peaches- Sep 21 :D! HOMEMADE
Oatmeal (with pears and pear juice)- Oct 7- 🙂
Carrots 10/12 liked- and ate the entire 2 oz container!
Green beans- loved! 10/13
Apple- 10/16- liked!
Mum-mum rice rusks- 10/20 liked! I like too!
Squash- 10/21- liked!
homemade turkey with jarred green beans- 10/23 liked!
homemade turkey with jarred sweet potatoes- 10/25 didn’t like
sweet potatoes- 10/28 tolerated
saltines- Nov 3- loved! (also first taste of ice cream)
apple-blueberry- Nov 4- loved!
apple-blueberry and rice with mixed fruit cereal- Nov 5-liked
peas with rice- Nov 6- liked! (also a few tastes of french toast & cheesecake)
mixed fruit with yogurt (apple, mango, pineapple)- Nov 9- liked
**still eats about 2 oz**
garlic butter pizza crusts- Nov 10- loved!!
turkey green bean peas- Nov 12- liked
banana cinnamon oatmeal- Nov 14- liked
Ritz crackers- Nov 15- loved!