Kiddo Updates

9/13- Kayley has really been comforting herself by sucking her fingers and thumb lately. She just fell asleep on her toy mat with her thumb in her mouth- awwww!
9/14- Kayley is starting to laugh a little… when you tickle her sides just right!
9/19- Mimi comes for a visit!
9/20- I bought Kayley a Glo-Worm. She likes the lit up face! 😀 She tried avocado today and wow did she make some faces and spit it right back out!!!
9/21- Kayley is 4 months old today! She weighs 13 lb 13 oz, is 25 inches and wears 3-6 mo clothes and 6-9 month sleepers.
9/25- Kayley will mimic “hiiiiiiiiiii!” back to you! Her rattle holding and toy manipulation has improved a lot!
10/1- Kayley will open her mouth like she wants to kiss you back when you give her kisses.
10/3- First non-tickle laugh from Kayley. I dropped a wipey on her bare chest and the fluttering and coldness of it surprised her into a laugh!
10/4- Kayley rolled over from back to tummy for the first time today! She’s repeated it too! She’s been practicing hard but until today her arm got in the way. Apparently the one time she rolled from belly to back was a fluke- she hasn’t done that again since. Also- Kayley found her feet today!!
10/7- Kayley will let go of something on purpose now… before it has always been accidental.
10/15- Andy can count beyond 20 now!
10/16- It’s laugh day for Kayley- before this she only laughed if you tickled her sides or under her arms. Today she laughed with Cathy and Andy as they played Peekaboo with her and for me when I was chewing gum and blowing bubbles for her to see. 😀 I love the laughs!!! Had applesauce today and liked it!
10/18- Kayley can play in her exersaucer without propping her up now. She is learning to totate in the seat too! She rolls over to her belly almost as soon as you lay her down now and gets mad because she can’t figure how to roll back. LOL. Brendan learned to play online solitaire today.
10/20- Kayley had her first mum-mum today. She spit out the first gooey bit that came off but then got into it! She was content while I did the dishes.
10/21- Wow, Kayley is five months old!!! She tried to party at 3:00 am, the lil stinker. She celebrated with squash today- haha!
10/27- Kayley is scared of balloons- but laughs when I chew gum, blow and pop bubbles!!!
11/3- Kayley had her first taste of ice cream- pumpkin pecan flavor & her first saltines. Both were hits!
11/5- size 3 diapers & 6 to 9 month clothes
11/11- Kayley is starting to scooch forward when on her belly! She can’t get her belly off the floor though!
11/15- Kayley no longer sleeps in her upright little bassinet bed. We tried the pack n play tonight but she doesn’t like it. I’m doomed- haha!