6 months old

I can’t believe it.

I am equal parts sad and happy. Kayley is definitely easier to care for now. She’s not much into baby food. A couple bites here and there. No complaints but no help either. 2 oz is more than plenty at a time. In fact I wasn’t sure she understood to open her mouth for more until I fed her ice cream, lol.
She is a carbaholic. Pizza crusts, tortillas, crackers… she’ll eat ’em all day long. Fruits, veggies, cereals, combos with meat, things with a little spice added- all meh to her so far. I look forward to letting her try pumpkin pie.
She has just learned finer movements like turning her pacifier around to go in her mouth. She is working on rolling belly to back and scooching across the floor on her belly. She has a definite fondness for Andy right now. I love how she simultaneously bangs her belly with both fists and kicks her legs when she is excited. She makes the cutest sounds too.
I sleep with her in her room now, in the same bed. She was delightfully easy to put to sleep in her little upright bouncer bed thingy but she outgrew it. We tried to switch her to the pack n play bassinet but that was a big fail.
She fully fits 6 to 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She only eats 4 oz bottles at a time still though- maybe 6 a day. She loves being outside and splashing in the tub most. She’s a good baby. 😀 I still can’t believe I have a daughter!