Kiddie notes

2/17- Kayley pulled to a stand in her crib today!!! WOW!!! She also pulled herself up to a sitting position on the bed for a 2nd time! Her army crawling is quite impressive now. She’ll come find me in the kitchen haha!!
Darrell weighed under 200 today!!! Way to go honey! I’m stuck at 221-223. Apparently it’s a “set point” for my body. It doesn’t want to let it go!
2/18- Kayley cut tooth #2 tonight! Darrell caught this one. It’s the other bottom center tooth.
Kayley is trying to say “pretty” and “butterfly” now! She mimics pretty when I say it and when I was changing her table she said something like butterfly with a clear “buh” beginning and looked right at the butterfly on her wall. 😀 I don’t think anyone besides me and maybe Darrell would catch these however.
2/19- I heard “pretty” again today!!! 😀
2/21- Happy 9 months Kayley girl!
K sits up by herself regularly now. She has changed from “muscling herself up situp style” to sitting up from a crawling stance.
2/22- Kayley took her first couple “steps” crawling tonight! Both Darrell and I saw it. 😀
2/26- K will get up on her knees now to be tall enough to reach into a bin. She is into everything!!! She wears 12 month clothes now!
3/2- K ate TWO entire pieces of cheese pizza at Alayna’s Chuck E. Cheese birthday party!!!
3/3- K said “tickle tickle” several times this morning! 😀 I usually tickle her on the changing table and that’s where she said it… she had an impish grin on her face too!
3/6- Yell for Andy or Brendan and Kayley will mimic you! 😀 Her “Brendan” is quite close.
3/10- K says baby! 😀 No more butterfly but pretty is a definite fave. She had her first grapes and goldfish (pizza flavor)- and loved both!
3/12- Bren’s first overnight campout! Dad and Bren went to a “Cub N’ One” and had a blast!
3/13- She crawls!!!!! Today she also started to stand up places other than in her crib!
3/23- K demanded a bottle today- “Bee! Bee! Bee!” Haha. That’s a useful word!
3/26- Happy Mizuumi-Con 4!
3/27- K said “Kayley” today! Mimi said she heard it once too.
Lots of family and friends got together to devour the famous 42 inch Big Lou’s pizza today- one of Brendan’s birthday gifts. It was a blast!
3/30- Kayley said her name again today!
Andy is doing fantastic with his reading. He is learning _u_ words now. We are enjoying a lot of Dr. Seuss books. We finally ordered his MUS Primer book and he is flying through it as well.
Bren is learning about Ancient India and multiplication problems like 681 x 38. UGH! LOL.
I love how Andy says “I love you mom, alsoly!” 😀
4/1 Kayley’s words to date. Definitely my gabbiest kid this young!
Brendan (quite clear, surprisingly!)
Andy (less clear… started as A-Day but now much better)
yay! (when clapping)
She says Bee! for bottle
her latest is her own name… also quite clearly- Kayley
I’ve heard Mimi, butterfly and bye-bye only a time or two…