Happy 13 months Kayley!

Kayley walks!!!!! We have a cute video of her walking maybe 8 steps and saying “I did it!” 😀
Soccer camp went without a hitch. The boys loved it. Tomorrow we are going to Lady Bird Johnson Park to go swimming with my aunt. Yay!
Even though I have been seriously low carbing, my weight has been creeping up. It’s quite frustrating! This week I am trying something different called a fat fast. It’s 1000 calories of the fattiest low carb foods available. Sounds weird, I know. It doesn’t take much fat to equal 1000 calories so portion size is very, very small. The recipes are a cream cheese macadamia nut parfait, 1 egg + 2 egg yolks + 2 T heavy cream scrambled eggs, 1 avocado by itself, or a special chicken salad recipe. I eat five 200 calorie portions throughout the day. The portions easily fit in tiny 3 oz bathroom cups, lol. But each one can turn me from starving hungry to okay for a couple hours. Just enough food to keep me sane- but it certainly isn’t any fun.
We’ll see. If this doesn’t work I may just go bonkers.