5 day fat fast complete!

Yippeeeee! I lost 7.2 pounds in 5 days! I am soooo happy. I’m back to 219 and I now have skillz to lose weight again! I am so happy to have found a solution because regular ole low carb just wasn’t working anymore. I wasted a YEAR… yeah…. I was 222 at my 6 week checkup after Kayley!
The plan is to do the fat fast M, W and F every week it is feasible. It is a very tolerable diet, oddly enough. Plenty of sweet and savory things to try. Portions are small but often and while you finish a “meal” still hungry, the fat kicks in 1/2 hour later and you are fine again.
I have apparently really, really messed up my body from the ultra crappy diet I ate as a kid to not lose weight on regular low carb. It did me great for a long time though and if it wasn’t for Dr. Atkins I’d still weigh more than 280 pounds.
Next goal- 210. That’s merely “overweight” on the BMI charts for my height. I haven’t been merely overweight since I started college- when I got down to 195 (through depression & living with thin people who ate little and exercised more).