First dental examinations

Both boys did great! I love this particular dental practice- a bunch of great women! They were gentle and kind and always explained everything in a non-scary way!
Andy got an A+. Yay!
Brendan has a small cavity between his 2 front teeth. He has an appt for that Aug 24th. They took about 7 x-rays and wowzers… haha. He has lots of permanent teeth ready to come in. He is definitely going to need orthodontic help soon or he is going to end up with teeth like both Anthony and I used to have. The initial workup is a little over $500. We’re going to see what D’s dental insurance covers and if it is worthwhile we’ll enroll in August and go from there. The receptionist said most plans only have a $1000 lifetime limit though. Cross your fingers ours is better than that. He also has a permanent tooth on the bottom that is extra wide and x-rays showed that it is actually 2 teeth that formed together.
Both technicians remarked at how deep the grooves are in their teeth. Nothing wrong but odd.
Funny tidbit- Andy picked out a toy for Kayley and it was a small squeaky pink octopus. She loved it! She immediately put the head of it in her mouth like a pacifier and walked around the waiting room squeaking at everyone. 😀 It’s hilarious to see!