This week has been very stressful, so today was a big relief. We FINALLY got our top 6 donor choices rated with how close their photos looked like Darrell’s photo. And that’s it- that’s all we got! A number 1, number 2, …. But it was enough. We took the number one donor number and looked up his profile to remind us which one he was. He was one of my favorites!! I am very happy with this choice. He has brown hair and blue eyes and seems to be a very nice guy. Yeah!
After we made our choice, I phoned up the cryobank and ordered us 6 vials! Easy as pie. And she said since I called before 2:00, they’d have no problem getting it to the doctor’s by tomorrow!! Yeah!!! Looks like all my ducks are in a row. Okay, FM, work your magic and give me those highs! I am guessing I’ll peak on Tuesday morning and ovulate on Wednesday. We’ll see how close I come! I will be positively thrilled if I am pg in a couple of weeks! Baby, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and love you!!
We got our M&M comforter and pillowcase yesterday! Just in time for a visit from Waynell! I really love it! We had a very hard time finding primary colored sheets- but finally found red ones that match the crib bumper pads! Now, we just need a bright green, yellow or blue dust ruffle so little hands will stay out from under the bed! I’ll add a picture to this page when I have it. I also bought a flat sheet in the same M&M print to make a matching crib sheet!