Our first IUI

C #14, CD #21. I had my IUI today!!! Not much to it really. I got a positive last night on my OPK and then thought, “Huh! What do I do now? It is too late to call for an appt tomorrow.” So we decided to just be there when they opened at 7:30 am and hope they’d take us in. It turns out that is EXACTLY what I’m supposed to do in that situation! :o)
So we wait awhile and then are brought into a small exam room. All sort of utensily things and bottles of glop were laid out (think of the stuff they have at a delivery but not quite as much). The nurse (whom I ADORE) said to undress from the waist down and cover myself with a sheet. So I did. She popped in to show me the sperm, which was a pale pink color, oddly enough, and had me verify my name on it. Then the Dr. came in (not my regular RE though, this one was young and blonde). I asked him about the sperm and he hemmed and hawed and finally asked me exactly what I wanted to know. I said the count and whether or not he thought it was a good sample. Apparently they don’t talk about stuff like this too openly. He did finally tell me that the sample had 33 million swimmers and that it was a great sample. Big sigh of relief from Darrell and I. I laid down on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. He opened me up like in a pap smear. Then he swabbed my cervix with a q-tip to clean off the cm. Then he inserted the thin tube attached to a syringe full of the little guys (I never saw it though). I cramped some here and he kindly stopped and told me to tell him when it had passed. :How nice! Then he squirted it in, pulled everything out and left us alone for 10 minutes. It was quite fast.
My reaction? It hurt every bit as much as my HSG- but only because I am VERY TENDER right now. I think BDing would kill me right now πŸ™‚ But the Dr. was VERY good about it and very gentle. As soon as he was done, I felt this surge of heat crawl up my neck and face. Which is quite funny cuz the came thing happened during the HSG and when I last had blood drawn. As soon as he left the room I immediately teared up (damn Clomid) and my thoughts were on how I have another man’s sperm in my body. But that lasted like 30 seconds and then Darrell had me laughing so hard that I complained that I was gonna jiggle the suckers loose. πŸ˜€ He was a sweetie and held my hand the whole time. After inspecting all the gadgets and gizmos that is! πŸ™‚
After my 10 minutes were up, the nurse came and told us to go into the ultrasound room. There, I got a quick (2 minutes tops) ultrasound (which, curiously enough seems to have been free) by the Dr. himself. He made sure to tell me that he was only using water on it, so as not to mess with the sperm! He showed me my uterus and the pocket of sperm in there. That was too cool! It really doesn’t move after you get up! πŸ˜€ The he measured my ovaries. He never commented about them, so I guess they are okay in size. I was afraid I had hyper-stimulated since I am SO SORE. But the best news is- I MADE TWO EGGS!!!! WOOOHHHOOOO!!!! DOUBLE THE ODDS!! One in each ovary. But I hadn’t ovulated them yet, so I have to go back tomorrow morning again to have another one. I don’t know if I’ll ovulate both eggs, but I sure hope so! So I guess we’ll see tomorrow! The cost was $250 exactly: $150 for the IUI and $100 for dealing with the sperm.
This is the gentle version of events. My boss picked this time to have a huge argument with me. Grrr! I am so mad. So much for peaceful reproductive thoughts!! But I think luck is with me because I had on both my HOPE charm and my medieval fertility charm and as we were walking out, there was a couple showing off a newborn to the girls at the front desk. The guy told us they’d be praying for us! That has to be a sign!
Congratulations, Cassie on your beautiful baby girl!