An answering machine message

18 dpo (better known as 4 weeks, 4 days PREGNANT!!!)
My answering machine greeted me this afternoon with:
“Well, congratulations Jennifer, you are definitely very pregnant! Your lab values were very good. Your quantitative HCG, which is the pregnancy hormone, was 284 and your progesterone was 51.6 so everything looks great! If you are not taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid, you should. If you have any bleeding, which I doubt, you can call me, though everything is fine. You need to have an ultrasound done by Dr. Witz somewhere around July 23rd, 24th, 25th. Just call me or Nancy tomorrow so we can schedule it. And once again, congratulations! Bye.”
I am full of joy!!!! I can not express how happy I am today! Full of worries but very, very happy! I cannot believe that I have a little baby growing inside me at this very moment!!! So, so happy!
What was different this cycle? I know I will be asked that! A bunch!
-Most noticeably, I had NO breast tenderness until around 14 dpo. And even now it is not as bad as mid-2ww usually is
-A dried out nose starting about 10 dpo
-Sudden emotional scene (fortune cookies incident)
– Achiness in ovary areas from 10 dpo on. This is my biggest worry.
– A bit of constipation around 15 dpo onwards. Strange with the Glucophage side effects.
– Choking on my vitamins and meds all the time. That NEVER happens with me.
– Queasiness (but typical of my meds too)
– Lack of acne by AF time. I always break out then.
– Having to pee a lot more often in the morning hours
– General feeling that something was up
I did take an hpt on 17 dpo and got such as faint shadow after 10 minutes that all I could tell was where the line was supposed to be. So, I plunked it back in the cup a few more times and got a faint line! I was excited, but I knew that technically that was a negative.
I took another hpt this morning (legit this time!) and got a very light line. I now know that thing should have exploded on contact!!! Why did a hpt so sensitive that it can detect 20 units of HCG not turn dark when my levels were in the uppers 200s?? This is a fact for all those TTCing out there: until AF shows or you get a BFP, don’t believe the BFNs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Background here: Back when we first started TTC, Darrell was a bit hesitant at first. I swore to him that I’d tell him I was pg by email. So when I got that first faint hpt at the in-laws, he woke to see me animatingly discussing something with my Father-in-law. I went over to him with a big grin on my face and he sleepily said, “So, do you need to send me an email?” I nodded real big! And we had a good cuddle! And never, ever did I expect my FIL to find out first?! But what is a girl to do at 5:30 am?! Darrell’s parents are very excited!
Unfortunately, the hpts are too faint to scan! Argh!