A test for me & a test for you

I am on cycle #10, CD#3 now. The night I got my period (smack in the middle of the State of the Union Address) was a bad one for me. I cried off and on for a couple of hours. Darrell was very sweet and held me and comforted me.
Today I had a doctor’s appointment. I am now taking 150 mg Clomid on days 3 to 7. The upped dosage did not surprise me. The days 3 to 7 did. I feel like I am still mourning from last cycle and I’ve already downed my first set of Clomid pills. She said that this is as high as she allows on the Clomid. And she reminded me that 6 cycles is all I’ll get on it. The doctor also upped my Glucophage to 1500 mg per day. This is good because apparently it is working! I lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months—and trust me, I wasn’t even close to dieting! That was a bright spot in my day!
She gave us the paperwork and the sterilized containers for Darrell’s SA. He’ll do it next week sometime, probably. I really feel like he is fine, but I bet I’ll be relieved to know it for sure, anyway. And thank goodness he gets to do his thing here at home and bring it in! She also told me to get a Hysterosalpinogram (HSG) too. This is where they insert a tube into your cervix and inject you with a dye that they can see on an ultrasound. I have to stop taking my Glucophage several days before this test. The pharmacist says that the dye and the Glucophage both end up in the kidneys and that they may react if both are in there at the same time. I am afraid this may really hurt! The doctor says it hurts some and not others. The purpose of this is to see the shape and size of my uterus and to see if my fallopian tubes are clear. I have to take an antibiotic before and after this test to minimize the risk of infection. That makes 3 prescriptions I filled tonight! Whew!
Well, I am sure all this will keep me busy for the next two weeks. Then it will be ovulation time again. Hopefully I will ovulate earlier on the new dosage of Clomid. Here we go again….

The squishies

I am 10 dpo today. My temps show a very slight trend up, but that could be dashed with one low temp tomorrow. The weirdest symptom of this cycle is that my boobs are not only full and heavy (sometimes happens in a cycle) but SQUISHY too. Like they got pumped up with gel or something. It is very strange. My nips still hurt a bit too. I can’t remember other than 1 time where they hurt this late before. I also am grouchy about being touchy in any kind of tickly or soft way. That is strange too. I am very hesitant to be excited about any of this, but I can’t help it. I am nervously waiting for the next few days to pass by—hopefully uneventfully.
My greatest buy on Ebay to date?? I bought ANOTHER batch of Fuzzi Bunz! The first set was 9 medium (4 to 10+ months) of the new style. This second buy was for 12 small (NB to 4 months) of the “original” Fuzzi Bunz—the kind where they have the fleece on the outside too. Looks like most of my diaper purchases are over for the first year! I’ll need a few more, of course, but shouldn’t be too many. The website suggests 12 of a size for full time use. I just hope I like them or this will be a big waste of money. Oh well, I guess I can sell them back! :o)
We went to a place called Dave & Buster’s today. Basically, a Chuck E. Cheese’s for adults. In it was a nice restaurant where we shared an excellent Philly steak sandwich and a large gameroom with all sorts of games. We had loads of fun and while there we had our portrait drawn in pencil in one of those little booths. Best of all, the games and the portrait were free because Darrell had won the game cards off of a radio station a couple of weeks ago!

Bib gifts and the Tripregathon

Started the day with homemade Belgian waffles—yummy!
I am on CD#24, 2 dpo. I am not very enthusiastic this cycle. The benefit: the days are passing pretty quickly. If I have a triphasic temp chart, then I may test at 11 or 12 dpo, but other than that I will try to save some money and wait until 14 dpo. I do know that we BDed the 2 days before O. That is good.
My O this time was several days later than last cycle. Seems my body is getting used to the Clomid. I hope I get 150 mg next time. I want to speed things up! It is torture to wait 20+ days until ovulation.
Darrell and I found the bibs we want to give as presents to his mother and father. We got a green one that says “I love grandpa!” and a yellow one that says “Grandma’s little honey!” They are very cute. I just hope they don’t gather too much dust.
I decided to put all the formula checks that the Similac people keep sending me and the 2 cans of Isomil they sent me too on Ebay to see what I could get for them. I got $10 for the formula and so far I am up to $32.55 for the checks ($53 worth)! So, I turned right around and bought $105 (gasp!) worth of Fuzzi Bunz. I hope I like them! It makes me feel good that the Similc people bought almost half of my diapers! I have many cans of Similac in the nursery. I keep getting them in the mail or finding free coupons for them. Might as well buy them and stock up, right?
On my website, we are about 37% pregnant now with 27 ladies total. This makes me very happy. Fuuny thing is, when I find out someone is pregnant (like Darrell’s coworker’s wife) I am usually sad, but not when one of my girls announces it! I have always been happy for them. On my site, we tend to become PG in threes. I hope I am in the next set! We all hope that- to be in the “tripregathon”. My bigger wish is that the last person left TTC gets PG within just a few days from the others. I want NOBODY left out like that. I kind of think it will be me. Kind of appropriate, though. Similar to a captain who goes down with his ship.

Will this be my lucky year?

I have been very sick the since last Sunday night. It may be strep throat or may just be that mountain cedar is through the roof right now. I took Monday off of work, but I can’t afford to do that too much. I alternate between feeling really bad and feeling okay. I have been taking Claritin-D and Advil, which I feel really guilty about, since I should be approaching O. I am on CD#15.
My fertility monitor isn’t revealing anything. Low, low, low is all I get. I am kinda glad, because of the medicines, but I don’t want this cycle to go on forever, either!! I think my body knows I am sick and is delaying O. Smart body. Boy, I am glad I am not this sick while PG! I’d be demanding an U/S every day, LOL.
A big, wonderful congratulations to LauraL on her pregnancy. I wish you the best and can’t wait to see your baby in 8 or so months!!!! I am going to have to start a “babyface” photo album on my website!
Darian—I am not going to jinx you or anything, but your charts have me really excited for you! Fingers crossed!!!!
For some reason, I have little hope for this cycle. Clomid has totally lost its thrill. Maybe this feeling is just because I have been sick since before Christmas. I hope so. This TTC journey is much more pleasant when I am hopeful. Darrell should be going in for a SA pretty soon. We talk about it but no appointment has been made yet. Yes, we are procrastinating. Who wouldn’t?!