Nursing Apparel 2, Jen 1

The XXL GlamourMom undershirt bra- BOMB! It goes over my chest, but it is a little tight. That would’ve been fixable. But the bra- umm, bralet?- is pathetic. My hoozits spill over on both sides and my nipples jut through the holes like they are trying to escape. It’s disgusting. So much for their chart being anywhere near true. This would fit a DD maybe, not up to a G cup like they say. The material was high quality though- much better than Motherhood’s cheapo copycat.
I also bought a Bravado nursing bra a few weeks ago. The chart says the XL++ size will more than fit my borderline F/G cup size. Hah! I got a cute little polka dot bra and the first thing my DH said was they looked like ovals. Grrr! This is possibly fixable though- I am going to cut a line up the middle of the back and make it an inch or two larger with some wide elastic. It is more of a sports bra design so this should do the trick.
I also received some Motherwear nursing t-shirts today (their least expensive shirts called “essential”). I didn’t expect to love them, but surprise- I DO!!! The neckline is much nicer than your typical t-shirt, the material is high quality and the nursing design is a liftable top layer with 2 side slits in the underlayer. Belly coverage and easy access without it being obvious it is a nursing shirt! The henley style shirts I ordered are on backorder. And hey- I got a $10 off my next order of $50 coupon too! 😀
Up next for review…
Decent Exposure’s made-to-order nursing bra with velcro flaps. I already know their customer service is AWESOME. I expect my bra in about 3 weeks.

Bren bits

Bren just asked me while we were eating breakfast (& totally unprompted), “Is it good?” And when he was done and got down from the table he told me, “Good one, good tacos!” 😀 He even drank his strawberry milk.
Bren has taken to carrying around the weirdest things. The last few days it has been a McDonald’s happy meal toy- a pencil with a whale looking spaceship topper that lights up- and the controller to one of his GeoTrax trains, “It’s a SKY (plane), Mama!”

Amost halfway there!

150 days to go!!!
My only complaint is the burning groin pain. It really hurts and it seems to come earlier and a bit worse every day. 🙁
I can feel baby boy moving some every day now. He loves to wiggle after eating and right before bed. Have only seen/felt him from the outside that one time so far!

Bren bit

When my MIL came down she brought with her the crib that we had stored up at their place. When Bren saw it, he crawled into it and stood up in the middle of the frame. Mimi told him that that was the bed for the new baby. I then asked him where the baby was and he grinned a very big & cheesy grin at us, patted his own chest with his hand and proudly exclaimed, “Here he is!” He is so right. 😀
18w3d. I have found my brick wall. There is only so much I can do before I wilt. Bren’s party took a lot of preparations and we worked for hours setting things up, decorating and cooking. Halfway through the party I sat down and was too tired to move! I am so glad I had MIL and DH to help with what needed done.
Here is a pic from today:

Happy Birthday Party dear son!

We had a great party today for Bren’s 3rd birthday. We decorated in a Thomas the Tank Engine Theme and Brendan wore a new Thomas outfit. We served 7 layer dip, chips & queso, taquitos with Darrell’s famous taquito sauce, fruits with fruit dip & cupcakes.
Guests: Mimi & Papa
Uncle Anthony
Paw Paw Dobie
MaeMae and BoBo
Aunt Cathy
Paul, William & MIchael
Mary K & Leonard
Bren’s shyness shone through for most of the party. We decided not to sing Happy Birthday to him because we knew he’d cry and only had him open a present or two at a time. By doing things slowly and letting him come out of his shell in his own time we all had a fun time. By the end of the afternoon Bren, William & Michael were best buds. His best moments- playing in the tent, putting the sprinkles on cupcakes, sneaking cupcake licks, playing with the blow toys and receiving the balloons.

I see movement!!

OMG! I saw and felt the baby move from the OUTSIDE today! He walloped me about 6-7 times in 5 minutes. I was sitting in the car and felt the kicks and you can bet that yes I did pull up my shirt and push my pants down to see it! LOL. It was so cool to see! Now to get Darrell to see it, poor guy was driving.
It was MUCH later that I felt Brendan, especially from the outside! For example:
“21w5d. I am still not feeling much of anything in the way of baby movement- it is frustrating me!”
24w5d. “His latest achievement is jabbing me hard enough so that I can feel it on the outside of my body. The first time this happened, 2 days ago…”
WOW! Outside movement 6+ weeks earlier- having the placenta out of the way makes a HUGE difference!
Gearing up for Bren’s party tomorrow and then in the weeks to come we are building him a swing set (present from his Papa) and starting the baby’s nursery. We picked Lambs & Ivy’s “Baby Aviator” theme. We bought pale blue paint for the walls and just decided we are going to paint the bottom half of the walls the blue color of the border so we need to get more paint.
Bought the baby a cute & easy to hold rattle today. 😀

Exactly 5 months to go

18w1d. The ultrasound tech, Laurie, was great yesterday. Humorous, quick to let us know everything was fine and most important of all, let me pee as soon as humanly possible! 😉 Even though he was sleepy and had to be dribbled like a basketball 3 times, the baby revealed everything and is still smacking itself on the head. LOL.

Brendan was amazingly sweet and cuddly too. He watched the screen intently and snuggled up next to my head for a long time. He was full of pats and hugs and was very well behaved.
Near then end, Laurie put the 2 gender revealing pics in an envelope for us and we later opened it up while having chocolate cake in a deli for celebration.

The baby measured 1 day ahead at 8 oz. Heart rate was 150. We counted all ten fingers and toes. He was head down and I whispered to him to stay that way, lol. The placenta is along the back of the uterus- yippeee! That really makes a lot of difference in what I feel! My cervix was a great 3.76 cm. The nuchal fold was of appropriate size. Everything looked the way it should be.
We went on immediately to my OB appt. I lost another pound (total of 3 now), but of course I had just peed twice. My OB mentioned I hadn’t gained any weight yet and said that was okay for now. We discussed my headaches and dizziness and she recommended caffeine along with the tylenol. I thought that was funny- to be prescribed sodas. I showed her where my inside of the left leg pain is and she said it was groin muscle pain and that some stretches would help it. She looked at my ultrasound report and pronounced it perfect. I asked about how long the baby is but she said it is too curled up to measure right now. Next appt is April 13th in the afternoon.
DH asked Brendan last night if it was okay if we got him a little boy to play with. He said, “Yeaaaahhhhh.” Hahahaha.