Bren-bits, Andy-dotes and Kayley-chronicles

I’m wasyyy past due posting these…
7/1 Today’s funnies…
Brendan: “Hurricane: the evolved form of thunderstorm!”
Andy: “What is a cobbler? Is it where a goblin lives?”
7/2 Kayley’s first bottle of formula since the hospital.
7/3 After an incredibly poor day of pumping yesterday (I even spilled an entire bottle- doh!) I got up at 6 am today and pumped 8 oz!!! New record.
Bren lost a tooth! The tooth to the right of his 2 front top teeth.
7/5 Bren lost another tooth- the one on the other side of his top fronts.
7/9 Andy funny after having dinner with some friends: “I want that same drink we had when we were eating pizza with those new characters.”
7/10 I got the first smile!!! DH had Kayley for morning duty while I slept in and he carried her to me after I woke up and as soon as she saw me she lit up with a great smile. Shocked me so much I took a few steps back, haha! I can’t wait for the next one!!!!
7/16 An email DH sent me:
Me: Bren, aren’t our pink flowers pretty?Bren: ehhhh ummm (like he’s saying I don’t care)M: Well, what color flowers do you like then?B: Ummm, I’m not really a flower fan, dad. Hehe, flower fan…that’s something I’d say. That’s ma boy!
Brendan holds his breath under water at swimming class now! 🙂
Kayley gave me a killer smile this morning (smile #5!) that melted me… but they are so hard to get!!!
I moved to pumping 4x a day this morning.
7/20 Got the bill for the dr services for Kayley’s NICU stay… $21K! Ouch! Thank you insurance.
7/21 Happy 2 months Kayley! YAAAYYYYY we have a SMILEY BABY!!!
She drnks 6-7 4 oz bottles now. Brendan fed her a bottle today. It was so cute!!!
7/22 Andy funny: He put his hand on Kayley’s forehead, looked into her eyes and said “You’re getting vewwy sweepy…”
7/29 Week 1 of Atkins = 7 lb loss! Yay!!!
7/30 Kayley slept 7 hours straight last night for a new record! Still at 4 oz bottles- about 6 or 7 a day, size 1-2 diapers, newborn and 0-3 month clothes. She is slowly getting happier. The best time to get smiles is first thing when she wakes up. She is starting to “talk” too!
Newest family MMO craze- Wizard 101! It’s fantastic and even Andy can play it!
8/1 Well she did it! Kayley slept over 8 hours last night- actually more like 8 1/2! Yay!!! She sure is smiley this morning too! She is talking to get my attention and smiling and kicking when I look at talk to her. Awww…
8/9 Andy asked and took his first shower today- and loved it!!!
8/10 Kay got her first juice bottle for suspected constipation this evening… hope it helps!
8/11 Wanna laugh? Andy wants to marry me. After explaining over and over again that I am already family and I can’t marry him I gave up and said ok, but it’s our secret. Now he wants to set a date. Good grief.
8/12 When I look Kaykey in the eyes and say “oooooooh!” she’ll grin and “oooh!” right back. It’s so flippin’ cute!!
8/13 Kay loves to kick her feet and suck her hands!
8/16 I tried out the bumbo seat with Kayley today and the first thing she did was smile and coo, haha. She liked it. Her head still bobbles around some but a few minutes here and there in it ought to help with that.
Brendan amazes me with his math skills. He successfully did this word problem today…
A paper has an area of 53 square inches. Someone cut out a piece that was 2 inches by 6 inches and took it away. What’s the area of the leftover piece? WOW!!!
8/21 Andy’s birthday party!!! It’s was Pokemon themed. Mimi made an awesome cake. It was delicious!! Andy seems to have lost his shyness. He did great!
Happy 3 months Miss K!
8/22- a 24 oz can of powdered formula lasts Kayley exactly 6.5 days. She still has 6, occassionally 7, 4 oz bottles per day and sometimes and ounce or 2 of juice to keep her bowels moving. She moved to size 2 diapers today.
8/24 K now busts out of her 0-3 month sleepers… it’s as if she was waiting specifically to be over the 3 month mark, haha. Bren is a size 8 and size 6H for jeans. Andy is a size 4.
We went to the Rainforest Cafe and the Children’s Museum today with Cathy. It was great!!
Kayley slept her first 10 hour night! Wahoo!!
8/26 DH taight Kay how to roll off the couch and into his arms this morning, haha! She did it 7 or 8 times and he even videotaped it! If they play this new game often she might start rolling over on her own sooner than I thought!
8/30 Today was a bad reflux day so I gave Kayley her first baby food. She had pears with rice cereal. She had a good time with it!

9/1- 3m11d. Kayley rolled from her belly to her back for the first time on the floor!! She can go from her back to her side as well.
Kayley also skipped the 11 hour night and went straight for the gold- 12 hours last night!!!
9/9 Darrell made Kayley laugh for the first time today!! Daddy for the win! I can get close but it isn’t quite a belly laugh.
9/10 Kayley held a rattle successfully for the first time today! She had quite the grip on it!
We’ve lost the golden nights… Kayley hasn’t slept through the night since her one 12 hour stretch 9 days ago. Her pattern right now is midnight to 6:30 and then 7:00 to 10:00.
Still eats six 4 oz bottles per day. Huggies size 2 are getting snug- thankfully Pampers size 2 are roomier! She wears 3-6 months clothes fully now. If my scale is right, she is 14 pounds now!