Early morning egg report

zzzz…. oh….
Right ovary is producing nicely. 5-6 eggs all right around 11 mm. Some will surely grow and others won’t. Left ovary is playing tricks again and could not be found. Dr seems to think that means it isn’t doing much this cycle. Hah! That’s what they said last time and it made more than the right side. You watch, they’ll pop up next scan and show themselves. I feel twinges on that side too.
Next ultrasound is Monday at 9:15. They are looking for eggs to be 18-24mm. If some are in that range then they will give me the Ovidrel shot right there and I’ll go back the next morning for the IUI. If not, I get to do the shot myself (!!!) and come in perhaps Wednesday for the IUI. Even that is a day earlier than last time.
I am to monitor on my own with OPKs just in case my body decides to ovulate earlier on its own. Haha- good joke!
The Clomid side effects seemed to have worn off a few days ago. I do not like being easy to anger.
For some reason my insurance decided to cover this ultrasound. Why do I have a feeling that’s going to bite me in the butt later?

CD 5

I am impatient. I am really quick to snap and I almost can’t help it. I am trying though. I really dislike this side effect.
I feel some ovarian twinges here and there. Just like last time my period has slowed considerably.
I can not stop thinking about babies. 😀
At this point there is nothing to do but pass the time and remember to take my pills. The increased Metformin has been helping my weight-loss I think. I have less than 5 pounds to go until I reach my goal and I hit “10 pounds less than when I conceived Andy” this morning.

CD 2

Well, the nurse says I’m on CD 2 instead of 3. Technicality…lol. I start the Clomid tomorrow. I am going in for an eggie ultrasound on Wed the 26th. It’s only day 11 but days 12 and 13 were Thanksgiving holidays and I am trying to make it out of town.
She saved me $45 on the ovidrel injection by ordering it herself and having it shipped to my door. 😀 I’ll take it! Thank you Freedom Fertility!


It’s weird to be doing this again…
Yesterday was the RE appt with my new infertility dr, Dr. B. They were nice enough to do my annual exam at the same time and save us an extra trip, time off D’s work, baby-sitter AND co-pay! I also had an u/s of my uterus and ovaries. All looks good to go. My ovaries still have follicles in them. Apparently I have an enormous bladder as well. Enough for the dr to comment on it several times, lol. Cracked us up! When I asked if they knew of a OB who would consider a VBAC after 2 c-sections I got an emphatic *NO*. Bummer.
Got the typical prescriptions for 150 mg Clomid, 1500 mg Metformin ER. Will get an Ovidrel prescription at my “day 12-13 egg ultrasound”.
Thank you AF for not showing until after my appt!!! Today marks CD #1!! How’s that for a close call. 😉 Exactly 10 days later than CD #1 for trying for Andy 3 years ago.
The best offer I found tonight for OPKs was at early-pregnancy-tests.com 50 cost me $27 with coupon code “amaz23”.
Here we go again…

Bren-bits and Andy-dotes

Oct 23
I forgot to mention Bren lost his second tooth a few days ago! Another bottom middle one! And he swallowed it!!! Ick!
Oct 25
Low carb yummy alert! Miss chips? Cut up a piece of Joseph’s low carb lavash (Walmart by the deli) and fry it! Be careful, they fry in mere seconds!! Take them out just as they start to turn golden around the edges!
We ate them frito pie style last night but I am already dreaming of chips and guacamole! Mmmm.
Happy Birthday to me. I am 34.
Oct 27
Words Andy uses in his conversations now:
Nov 2
Andy says “Yep!” and “Mommmmyyyyyyy!” I am not Mama anymore and I apparently am the parent in favor at the moment.
Darrell took both boys to the Air Show today. 🙂
Nov 6
I unearthed some toddler books today, one was “Goodnight Moon”. Brendan picked it up and read it- without me asking or helping one bit! 🙂 The first book he wanted to read by himself and on his own! I can’t believe I have a First-Grader now!!!
We also FINALLY found Brendan’s old Thomas trains. Andy is in hog heaven!!
Here is a great site for some preschool stories and songs- all on video!
www.cullensabcs.com Both boys liked them!
Oh, and “DoDoDo” = Scooby Doo & “Bee ah But” = Bertie the Bus 😉
Nov 11
Brendan’s word of the day- “Impressive!” LOL He asked me the other day what “scheming” meant. O.O
Low carb finds:
Xylitol carb-free honey ROCKS
Carbquick ROCKS (so far I have made a cherry dump cake & pancakes)
La Nouba Cherry Spread ROCKS
Sam’s Club Italian sausage pizza topping ROCKS (Ask for it at the snack bar)
Nov 15
Andy said “I don’t think so Mama” this morning. He strings it together real fast. Bren says this all the time. lol
Mimi joined us at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens today for the Terrific Treehouses exhibit. We had a lot of fun and took some fabulous pictures. It sure was beautiful!!