Good news!

We saw the heartbeat! I am so relieved. The RE said, “I see everything I expect to see in a 6 week pregancy.” 🙂
He did not tell me the heartbeat rate but I did notice that the baby was measuring 2 days small. 3mm instead of the expected 4 or 5. He said I ovulated on the day after my IUI and that I am one day off- so at the u/s I was 6w1d. Makes sense that my hcg numbers were low with the change in date and the small size. Must’ve implanted late. New due date is Aug 17th. He wants me back the Friday after we return from the holidays for another ultrasound. I’m gonna have to move my OB appt to a later date now.
Later, I’ll post about how we told DH’s parents. They are thrilled though. 🙂
Merry Christmas!

Paying my respects

6w1d. I spent some time paying my respects to the porcelain god this morning. Four things come to mind.
1. I had totally forgotten how many muscles it takes and how sore you are afterwards.
2. It amazes me how much better I felt after it was said and done.
3. You CAN puke and your toddler in the next room can be oblivious to any such adventure.
4. It’s time to scrub my toilet.
I am apparently NOT going to get the easy route this pregnancy. Last time I had nauseous moments in weeks 6 & 7 and spent a lot of time nauseous in week 8 but didn’t actually heave until 8w6d. And don’t you dare think I asked for it. I never asked to be sick.
Less than 24 hours til the momentous heartbeat ultrasound. Slightly less anxious now due to the above paragraphs. I’ll post a blurb about it as soon as I can sneak onto my MIL’s computer.
Bren told us “vamanos!” last night. He was also chattering about a princess this morning. 🙂

1st OB appt is scheduled

The scheduling lady first asked when my LMP was. I told her Nov 5th. Then I told her I know I conceived on the 23rd because I had an IUI- so she could estimate my due date better. So she realized that I was seeing an RE, therefore didn’t need an ultrasound OR a 2 block appointment. Just told me to bring along my ultrasound from this doctor. 🙁 Oh well, it is only 12 days after this upcoming ultrasound. I am sure I’ll get another some day. LOL.
Appt is set for Wed. Jan 4th @ 2 pm. I’ll be 8 weeks exactly. This is a real shocker because I didn’t get in to see her until I was 11 weeks last time! No, heartbeat check (too early)… no ultrasound… I might as well just call it a bloodwork visit because that is all that’s going to happen! I just had my annual exam in October. The part I hate the most is that it’ll now be rushed. I’m looking forward to it though!
Brendan told me the other morning- “That’s so sweet!” LOL. And today he told me, “Merry Christmas- Ho Ho Ho- Merry Christmas, Mama!” I busted a gut at his Ho Ho Ho because he said it in this perfect deep voice.
Also, b*tch = BRIDGE. 😉 That one really catches me off guard. Haha.
Starting to have greener mornings already. Still have to nap every afternoon. Brendan’s nap schedule has never been so consistant! LOL. It is much harder to figure out things to eat that sound appealing. I’ve been buying family sized containers of mashed potatoes and white gravy. Mmmmm, so healthy! **Rolls eyes**

2 fortunes

I totally forgot to post about this!
While up at the in-laws for our Thanksgiving visit (immediately after the IUI), MIL and I had lunch together. We had chinese food which, naturally, came with fortune cookies. I always pick a topic in my head (i.e. “this fortune will be about X”) and of course the only thing that’s been in my head for the past 2 months is our ttc efforts. I smiled broadly at my fortune but tried not to show my huge grin when I read my MIL’s fortune (remember, she hasn’t a clue).
Mine: You will be rewarded for your efforts.
Hers: The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected.
How we are presenting the news to my in-laws is with this:

That’s the teeniest pair of white booties in there!
I totally passed up my 1 year blogiversary! I was working up to it, counting the days… and I guess I got a little side tracked with other events. Well, happy one year to me! 😀
I was watching “Birth Day” today and as the intro with the cute newborn came on, Brendan asked, “What’s that?” I told him it was a baby. Then I asked him if he wanted a baby. He replied, “Okay Mom! Let’s go!” LOL. They aren’t at the store- it’s just not that easy son!
Bren has just been introduced to the remote control, trains moving on their own volition side of his Geotrax set. Instant love! 😀

Sirloin steak in pepper sauce

This makes a great taco filling or topping for spanish rice.
Sirloin Steak in Pepper Sauce
1.5-2.5 lb sirloin steak, cut into chunks or strips
2 T oil
1 T dry fajita seasoning (I highly recommend HEB brand)
1 bag frozen multi-colored bell pepper strips
Remove visible fat and bone from steak. Cut steak into strips or chunks. Place oil in bottom of skillet and move skillet to coat bottom evenly. Place meat in skillet and top with seasoning.
Microwave frozen peppers 1 minute to loosen and pour them into skillet. Mix thoroughly and allow to marinate for 30 minutes. Cook on med-high 20-30 minutes until the juices from the thawing peppers makes a thick gravy. The peppers will mostly disintegrate into the sauce.

Ultrasound date set

Looks like I got my wish and get to have an ultrasound done before we go away for Christmas! WooHoo! It’ll be December 23rd at 8:15. Unless DH comes up with a creative solution, I won’t be able to post our findings until at least that night though. We have decided we might as well drive up to his parents’ house for Christmas vacation immediately afterwards.
Please cross your fingers that we see a heartbeat on a beautiful blob that is positioned nicely in my uterus!


I thought I’d list my pregnancy symptoms-
*Tired. I honestly took a nap every day of the last 10 days.
*Boobs hurt. A little sensitive about 9-10 dpIUI, then it stopped for a few days, then it returned full force. Since about 13 dpIUI they have been really sore and swollen. Ouch.
*Use the restroom more frequently. Double the trips with half the amount. With both kinds of restroom visit. I’ll stop there, lol.
* A slight food aversion. I am unusually picky in what I eat- some things just do not look or sound good at all.

It’s a keeper!

2nd Beta test (16 dpIUI)= 106!!! WooHoooooo! I am so happy. The doubling time was 39.9 hours.
I am so relieved. U/S right before Christmas if I can get one, more like January 2nd if I can’t. It’s up to the doctor if that’s too early still.
I am due August 16th!!!
I think I may just pass out now. 😛