My fertility monitor really works

Happy Halloween!!!
I took my last Clomid pill tonight… but I know it is already doing its magic because I got a HIGH fertility monitor reading this morning!!!! WooHoo! I was beginning to think that I wasted $165!!! Just about time to start that BD Fest!!! I am on CD# 9 and I am having crampies on my right side. I sure hope I am not Oing quite yet. I am not ready!!!
I don’t think my boss is PG… nor is my friend Marcia who works for her too. Marcia and I talk a lot about TTC now. It is nice to have a “real” TTC friend instead of a bunch of “imaginary” friends. Or as one boarder says, her “invisible” friends! Marcia and I still laugh about how it would be great to be PG together!! I hope it happens.
I can’t help but be in high spirits this cycle. I feel the Clomid gives me a pretty good shot—even if it is only 20 to 25%. I so want this baby!
Sam is a real cutie. He walks very well for a little tyke and tries to run too. He has been real close to me lately and cries when I go home now! Awww! I just found out that I’ll be getting more than a week off at Thanksgiving! Bad for the paycheck but great for the soul! I so need to get working on my quilt!!
Darrell is a clown this Halloween. I can’t wait to see his getup and squeak his nose!! LOL.

A new cousin arrives

Happy birthday little cousin Joseph and welcome to the world!
He was so cute and cuddly and soft and just BEAUTIFUL! My cousin Diana is very lucky to have him! She went into labor just minutes after her baby shower was over.
I am on CD#6 and my first dose of Clomid seems to have no effect on me. I sure hope this works!

Birthday cheer & a PG possibility

Happy Birthday to me… I have had a wonderful birthday. I was taken to Biccone’s Italian restaurant for lunch by Lillian and the family. I got sung to in Italian!! Then Darrell brought me to Benihana’s Japanese Steakhouse and I got sung to in Japanese! They also served me some very weird green tea flavored ice cream! My MIL sent me a wonderful cookie bouquet! And probably best of all, my online friend Kim B sent me an e-greeting that was hilarious and perfectly ME. Everyone on the boards has served me up a huge portion of birthday cheer. Thanks guys! You are all very special to me! :o)
Unfortunately, AF found me 2 days ago, so I am on cycle #7 now and CD #3. I was upset for a day, cried a few tears. Okay, cried a lot of tears. Got some extra TLC. I had it in my head that I was PG this time. Might have been the seriously sore BBs. I rarely have soreness there. Now I am ready to see what Clomid does for me. I start it this Saturday. I am glad I will be home to see how it affects me. I am prepared to take it all, though. I so hope this works. I’ve been TTCing for almost 7 months now.
Poor Sammy got viral croup today. Yikes! Hope he gets better soon, poor little guy! Word is that my boss may be pregnant… wouldn’t it be nice if I got pg right after her? I’d have no problems getting a good maternity leave!!
Roughly 2 weeks until Clomid-induced O… please let this work!!!

It’s been a long road, but I’ve got faith of the heart

“It’s been a long road,
getting from there to here.
It’s been a long time,
but my time is finally near.
And I will see my dream come alive at last,
I will touch the sky…”
That is how I feel today (it happens to be the theme to the new Star Trek, Enterprise). It has been a LONG time since I began TTCing. Too long. It is time to get pregnant!
I am currently at 6 dpo and very, very hopeful. My temps have been 97.7, 97.7, 98.0, 97.7, 97.7, 97.9. Today’s temp went up 2 notches and I hope they continue to rise. Sometime during 6 to 10 dpo is when the egg attaches to the uterine wall and you see the “triphasic” temperatures on the chart. I have had sore BBs and the continual need to pee the past four days. Today I was extremely tired, despite a good night’s sleep. I have also had some minor little crampies (mainly in the right ovary area) which worry me, though I am told they are normal in early PG. Darrell asks what my temp was every day now, which is VERY nice. We’ve come a long way. He even admitted some excitement as we get closer and closer to a time when we can test. I feel very different this cycle from all the others. I really think this is the one. If it isn’t, I am going to need some serious time to recoup.
“And they’re not gonna hold me down no more.
No they’re not gonna change my mind.
Cuz I’ve got faith of the heart.
Going where my heart will take me.
I’ve got faith to believe-
I can do anything!
I’ve got strength of the soul.
No one’s gonna bend or break me.
I can reach any star.
I’ve got faith.
I’ve got faith-
Faith of the heart…”

An actual eggie

TCOYFS gave me an eggie! An actual eggie! Here the post I wrote 2 days ago that started it all:
I saw two lines for the first time ever!!! Of course, it was an OPK, not an hpt, but still!
I know this means that I am having an LH surge. It means that I am in REAL PAIN right now!!! I am practically gushing EWCM. It means an ordinary person would be ovulating. But what does it mean for someone with PCOS? Everyone please send my battered body some cheers! O! O! O! Here we go! O! O! 🙂
Why did I take an OPK? Well I have been in pretty bad pain all afternoon- it has make me gasp a time or two! And I happened to run across an old box of OPKs stashed in my closet. My FM isn’t taking any callers right now 🙂 so I decided to use one. And I got two solid lines!! And funny enough…
It was just last night that I told DH that if I shoved a stick looking thing under his nose that all he needed to know was whether it has 2 lines- meaning I was PG. And so, heehee, I just had to…
try him out. I went into the living room just as he was getting off the phone and shoved it under his nose. I gave him the appropriate few seconds it took to get a good look and a perfectly horrified look on his face (heehee) and then let him know what it really was. Sure was fun!! 🙂
One question- for how many days will OPKs turn after you had a LH surge? 2 days? A week? Maybe, this is from several days ago and that temp spike I had. Doesn’t really matter, because we are doing IT tonight!! 🙂 And we covered the other day too!
Maybe I won’t need Clomid after all! Now I got something to think about besides AF!!!!!
Yesterday, I took my last OPK and got a dark line, but it was still lighter than the control line, so my LH surge had ended. My temp this morning was high so I think I might have really Oed this cycle and I can’t believe it would happen on CD#33! That is so late! I am fearful that my temps will not stay high the next few days and beyond. Boy do my BBs hurt today!! Wowsers!
Here is my beautiful egg:

My aunt Cathy told me today that one of my cousins has PCOS also and her cycles fixed themselves with Metformin alone. Makes me believe that it will help me too. If I am not PG this cycle, I will ask my dr. about it.

Aches & O pains

I am on CD#32 of C#6. Boy, do I hurt today! My ovaries hurt, my BBs are sore… and I have LOTS AND LOTS of EWCM! What’s this?! Yes, my silly body is still trying to O!! My temps shot up real high one day, went back down to just above my CL, went WAY down the next day, and then went back to just about CL today! What a ride! This is what it looks like:

But if I had O’d with this temp ride, I’d be drying up! Certainly not making more EW. So apparently, the O isn’t happening. But an A for effort to my body. It has a glimmer of a shot still, I guess.
I am dying to try out this Clomid cycle. But I am playing the patience game for now. I have my alfalfa and Robi all ready to go! My guess is it will be at least another week.
One of the members of my TTC board just announced her PG. She was on her 16th cycle!! I am so happy for her! Good for you, Melissa P! I am so happy for you! It took Clomid + IUI to do the trick for her. She was on the verge of starting injectibles! Yikes!

Surprise, surprise! A whopper of a temp jump

I “nannied” this entire past weekend and since nothing was happening- I left my thermometer at home. A mistake. Of course I had to get really bad cramps (that I was hoping was AF) and then yesterday I got obvious EWCM. I wouldn’t have even checked but it was obvious that something as going on. Last night it was still there but starting to turn gummy. We BDed anyway. Then the big surprise! This am my temp was 97.8!! Nine notches above my last temp 3 days ago and an increase of 9/10ths of a degree. I did sleep about 1 1/2 hours past my usual time (I have the day off- Yippee!). So I know it is probably high. But even if I knock it down 5 WHOLE NOTCHES, I am still ABOVE coverline. I don’t know what to think.
This is what I wrote on the boards: 1/2 of me says to myself “You don’t ovulate on your own and if you did, it wouldn’t happen this late in the cycle. My temp will be back down tomorrow- it was a fluke!!!” The other half argues with, “But I just got EW, I had bad O like pains, and how else would you explain a temp that high?!” LOL. I love to argue with myself.
If I DID O, then it could have been anytime in the last several days. But since I got the EW yesterday, I am guessing it occurred last night or early this morning. If at all.
I have trying to guess how my FM works. And since I couldn’t MAKE IT take a stick last night…hee hee… I decided to pee on one anyway and try to decipher it myself. Every time I have peed on one of those sticks, I get either 1 blue line (control, I assume) or 1 blue line and 1 faint blue line. The faint line could either be estrogen or LH, since the FM monitors both. I am guessing it is estrogen, b/c I get a faint line sometimes and we always have SOME estrogen floating around in us. I am guessing the LH line is something I haven’t seen yet or invisible to my eye (the FM uses infrared light to read the sticks). Anyway to make this short, I didn’t get anything unusual last night. So based on the test alone (which I could be misreading) nothing is happening. But it was fun anyway. I took the stick apart and everything. You wouldn’t believe how neatly all those little parts are put together. LOL.
I am curiously calm about all this mess. I guess I still feel that I can’t conceive on my own. I am just waiting until my cycle stops playing around and sends Aunt Flo to visit. I am SO ready to start the Clomid!! If my temp goes back down tomorrow, I am going to get my prescription filled. But it is the first sign that my insurance will see that I am having fertility issues. That makes me nervous.