Our early household Thanksgiving was yesterday. Nico and I baked all day. She made a rather clever cornucopia out of just canned breadsticks and foil. I made lemon-cranberry sauce from scratch (did you know cranberries have about a zillion teensy seeds in them???) that was very tasty. Together we made little cornish hens. Very cute. And not nearly cooked all the way when cut into. Doh! We had so many delicious dishes that we hardly noticed it was a vegetarian Thanksgiving though. Besides my all time favorite green bean casserole with cheddar fried onions, we had my new favorite as well- a side dish from the Honeybaked Ham Co. called Sweet Potato Souffle. It is truly to die for- and I hate sweet potatoes!!!
As soon as Darrell arrives home from work we are heading out to his parents’ house for a nice 6 day vacation. I can’t wait! I was promised a Gingerbread Frappuccino from Starbucks to help keep me awake! Woo Hoo!

Tot talk

Brendan is a fountain of new words today. He said “bubbles” while taking a bubble bath and “toy” while playing in his room. He also learned how to say “Stop it!” from a Kipper the Dog cartoon. I may regret that one soon but that particular bit of cartoon is rather funny.


This is roughly my son Brendan’s (who turns 20 months old tomorrow) daily sleep schedule. We keep a late routine in order to maximize his time with Daddy.
10:30 am- wake up
3:30 pm- nap in crib
5:30 pm- wake up
12:00 am- sleep in crib
(all right, to be totally honest, add the following)
2:00 (most nights) pacifier replacement
5:00 (most nights) the same
8:00 (a few days a week)pacifier won’t do- either sleep together in his twin bed or bring him into my own (DH has already left for work anyway). Too tired to contemplate anything else.

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