So far, still pregnant. I took a test another hpt at 18 dpo. I was trying to find a test with a sensitivity of 50 mIU/ml so I could determine if my hcg was still rising. NONE of the boxes at Walgreens listed their sensitivity! Grr. All the lists on the net contradict each other now too. I’m pretty sure just about all tests measure 20-25 mIU/ml nowadays. If not, the one I ended up with (a Walgreens 1-step that did NOT list early results) might be a 40 or 50. It popped up with a nice + in 30-40 seconds.
Since then I am having a lot of all day nausea and my hoozits are still sore. Still some ovaries twinges and aches but not as often. A bit tired. No spotting but I did scare myself last night by going to the restroom and not turning on the light. Our bathroom has a nightlight and in that very dim light I saw a definite line of darker stuff on my pad (I wearing a pad because the progesterone suppositiries I have to use are goopy) and freaked! I snapped on the light… and it was the greenish-blue core that some pads come with now. I almost melted I was so relieved!!!
Beta #3 on Wednesday. I get the results Thursday. 600+ would make me so happy! I’m hoping for an ultrasound next Friday which would be 6w4d.
Yes, I am very hopeful. I keep mentally smacking myself- 31 is awfully low- but I can’t help it.

Beta #2

My beta from yesterday afternoon came back at 31… so it doubled in 1.6 days or 38.28 hours. I’ll take it! I’m about 4 days behind though, definitely still worried.
I go back in a WEEK for another test. I’ll need to see 350 for a 48 hour doubling time. How will I ever last a week?? I’m considering finding an hpt that has a sensitivity of 50 for tomorrow afternoon. And maybe another for 100 for after that… do they make those any more? LOL.

Egg Transfer

Took 4 speculums. I told him if this last one doesn’t work, you might just have to go to the corner store for more. 😀 Apparently my cervix was reaallllly up high.
Three of the ugliest embryoes you ever did see are now in me- best one is “fair”. Beta on the 21st. I’m on 24 hour bedrest. Progesterone suppositories are not as messy as I feared. My pharmacy has been making them for my clinic since the late 70s! Suckers are a dollar each- 2x a day.

Fertilization report #2

Well, my embryos took a down turn. One never started dividing and is gone. I think she said 2 were 3 cells and another a 4 cell. The 1 4 cell is the only one where it should be but the 3 cells aren’t out of the game yet.
Transfer today at 3:30. *Fingers crossed that they perk up by then*

Fertilization report #1

I feel SO much better today, thank goodness! Yesterday was rough!
My clinic has a 66% fertilization rate so I expected to lose an egg or two overnight… but all 4 made it! Dr Embryologist says they all look great! I can’t believe it! My 2 day “we’ll transfer whatever we get” has turned into a 3 day transfer to see if any look better than the rest. I have a feeling my RE does not want to transfer 4 back. Too much risk for multiples.
I am over the moon! Wheee!
I’ll get another egg report tomorrow morning.
Such good fertilization makes me wonder what the heck went wrong during all those IUIs? If my only problem is implantation then IVF isn’t any better than IUI.

Egg Retrieval Complete

Wow, do I hurt! Like a c-section but without the prickly staples!!! They got 4 eggs! 😀 I’ll find out tomorrow how many fertilize and how they look.
Apparently I’m chatty when put under… who me???? Haha. I talked through the entire thing…mostly about their ugly elevator!! I had the best anesthesiologist EVER… he even numbed my hand before putting in the IV. He told me he has 20 year old IVF triplets. I didn’t realize it was even over and I had fallen asleep until I felt a few twinges and people started telling me how things went…lol. I don’t even recall any of the doctors, besides the anesthesiologist, ever even entering the room. The procedure itself was completely painless. My nurse was absolutely wonderful too- the rare combinationn of sympathetic, smart AND funny!
I was gobsmacked a couple days ago when my RE expressed doubt that they’d be able to even reach my left ovary (if it isn’t near where the ultrasound machine goes, they can’t reach it because the needles are attached to it). I can now tell they did some pretty severe pushing to reach it!!! I had 5 follicles (#5 was found again!) and 4 contained eggs. And Jen is very happy so far!

Cycle Day 15

Well, we just killed off our credit card.
Right: 20, 19.5, 14.5 up from 16, 15, 13 yesterday
Left: 15 (lost the other or we couldn’t see it) up from 13.5
Dr expressed doubt on whether they’ll be able to reach my left ovary during retrieval. Bottom line is I’ll have anywhere from 2-4 ready follicles and hopefully each with have a mature egg.
I trigger with an Ovidrel shot tomorrow at 9pm. I start antibiotics on Sunday. I go in Monday early a.m. for retrieval. I have a rx for vicodin- anyone ever taken it before? How long does a dose last? I’ll be on oh so lovely progesterone vaginal suppositories too. YAK! On Wednesday I’ll get whatever fertilizes and starts dividing put back in. A 2 day transfer.
Puh-lease may there be something to put back in. I get sick when I think that they could not find any.

Cycle Day 14

Right side: 16, 15, 13 (CD12 was 13.5, 13, 12) and 1 tiny… so I guess I lost 3 tinies.
Left side: 13.5, 12 (CD12 was only an 8)… so one must’ve been hidden.
Sheesh- slow growing! I am happy that they are all within 4 mm of each other. My terms were we have at least 3 mature enough to expect an egg to continue with retrieval, so we still have at least 2 days before trigger. I go back tomorrow for yet another ultrasound.