6/9 We bought a Wii Fit. We love it! We were shocked to find that Brendan is not only overweight but obese. Hopefully adding some exercise will help and seeing our weight every day will help us make better food choices.
We started the Atkin’s Diet, Induction, today. Brendan is just served smaller portions of his normal diet with more fruit, less juice and almost no dessert.
We discovered a mama cat and kittens have taken up residence in our backyard. Their favorite spot is hiding under the tomato plants in the raised garden bed. I counted 5 kittens: 1 white with gray tail, 2 gray & white, 1 solid gray and 1 black and white. All of them are spittin’ wild. The kittens seem to be about 6 weeks old.
6/10 Andy says “Brendan” now. I can understand much of his garbled talk and he says a lot of neat stuff! Brendan has taken to have pretend phone conversations such as “I did X and that was bad. Oh you did it too. Okay, now, I have to go. Bye.” He is talking out his concerns.
6/12 After searching and finding very few low carb foods locally, I found netrition.com. Great selection and cheaper too! Check them out!
6/15 I’ve seen 2 white kittens now… total of 6 kittens?? I finally earned the mama cat’s friendship and she lets me pet her now. She loves cream. She’s a skinny lil mama!! The kittens still scatter at the sight of me. Sometimes there aren’t any cats around and I wonder where they all go off to.

6/17 Bren’s homeschool update:
Bren has passed his 100th day of K now.
He is on his 2nd of 3 chapter books at the end of the orange 1st grade Hooked on Phonics workbook. According to them he reads at the middle of 1st grade level. Another week and he’ll move to the red workbook!
Bren is on lesson 16 of 30 in Math-U-See Primer level. He now knows these addition facts: (1-9) + 1 (also in reverse order), 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, and 5+5.
We just finished several weeks of enjoying Max & Ruby books by Rosemary Wells and Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer. He love-love-loved the 2 Little Critter games we played as well- Living Book’s “Just Grandma and Me” & the critical thinking/ problem solving “The Great Race”. We also did a 3 day unit on different “Jack and the Beanstalk” stories. Yesterday we started the series of Curious George books by Margaret & H.A. Rey. Bren loves them all! There are a BUNCH of Curious George games and pages online… http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/features/cgsite/index.shtml
We have almost finished learning to print numbers and letters in blank spaces. He just has Z & z left. I think I’ll go back through them with one line to print on so he knows which letters sit on the line and which go under. Perhaps after that we’ll try traditional handwriting paper. His handwriting has improved dramatically in the last 6 months!
I have just started giving him the occassional writing prompt and seeing what he writes on his own. It’s a challenge for him!
It’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t even be starting K for 2 more months if we weren’t homeschooling.