A sample of Bren’s writing

Bren’s journal entry today… which involved us talking about what kind of car he wants and me listing key points on a dry erase board to help him remember what he wanted to write. He actually came up with the “gas that’s air but not gasoline” on his own. I told him it was called hydrogen and wrote it down for him. He heard somewhere that jaguars are the fastest animals so he’s all into jaguars lately. He remembers periods but forgets to capitalize, so much of that is corrected. He had one incomplete sentence “You can put a picture of a jaguar” that I helped him finish too.
A car can be a big one. It can have 4 wheels. The car I want is the one thats yellow. You can add more seats then just 5. You can put a picpure of a jaguar anywhere. You can use air thats called hydrogen insdate of gas.
I’m not getting off symptom free with the Femara… I have had one over-reaction to a minor discipline problem already today and I am getting headaches. But I feel something going on in the ovaries already so that gives me hope. I goofed and forgot to pick up my prescription until Walgreens was closed so I didn’t get to take it until CD4. I decided to take 1 pill in the mornig and one at night to spread it out since Femara has a short half-life. From what I’ve read, Femara usually gives only one egg… sometimes 2. I’ve only heard of 3 once. Quality vs. quantity. Because it doesn’t stick around as long in the body though, estrogen starts coming back prior to ovulation- and allows the uterine lining a chance to grow more before implantation. I was on a hefty dose of Clomid so perhaps this was my issue. It all seems to be one big experiment.
Oh!!! And all I paid is the $10 co-pay!

I’m on a new drug

Femara 5 mg. Starts tonight. I go back in 10 days/CD13 for the first ultrasound- a bit earlier than usual because I might respond differently than with the Clomid. I was told the Femara is more expensive but there is a possibility my insurance will cover it since technically it is a drug for breast cancer, not infertility.
Clomid gave me my 2 kids so it is bittersweet to be stopping it. On the other hand it did have some awful side effects… which are supposed to be milder with Femara. Hooray for that!
During the ultrasound this morning the dr found a 7 mm cyst/follicle in my right ovary. I asked him whether it is something leftover from last cycle or something new gearing up for this cycle and he said it was hard to tell. Never had that before.
And can I say it is positively RUDE to have someone undress, sit on an exam table and wait 20 minutes for the doctor when you know darn well the patient is on her period?!!!

Cycle #6 begins

CD#2. I just told the clinic that I’m ready to start a Femara cycle. I’m going to get a call back once the nurse speaks with the Dr about a dosage amount. I hope he doesn’t start me off too low. I’m already down to 2 eggs a cycle and 1 just isn’t where I want to go.
Here we go again.

Worn out by a week at Mimi’s

If they just wouldn’t have fed them so much, this trip would have been perfect on all sides. Brendan gained *5.8 pounds* in 6 days away. How in the Hell is that even possible???!!! It’s going to take forever to lose that much. Waaaaah!

IUI #5 (actually 7, but who’s counting…)

I believe this is my 10th round of clomid too!
CD19 IUI went pretty well… I had a new lady resident do it… and she sure bumped her way along. I bled a bit too. But if they went in as they should none of that should matter.
29 million sperm- and only 7 years old!!! Woot! Much newer than the 18 year old stuff we had been using!
I had two eggs both on the right. I am bummed that I’m down so far. Every month is worse. I started off making 6 at a time!
And I think I might just be past the point of jinxies… so I can announce with some bit of certainty that I am
*****KID FREE!!!!!!******
Darrell’s mom took the kids back home with her until Saturday! LOL, or perhaps only til the next train arrives to take me up there! We are rather uncertain how Andy is going to do without me.
So? What to do? I imagine my early morning festivities plus the soon to come horrid over-achieving ovulation will have me napping before long. How boring. But we have some friends coming over for homemade fajitas and salsa made with my garden tomatoes.
I have never been away from my kids overnight!!!

Eggs du jour

23×19= 21
19×15= 17
The IUI would have been Sunday but since they aren’t open then it’s set for Monday. I trigger Saturday night. I’m hoping the research on how women are more fertile after an HSG brings me the luck we need this cycle.