Low carb chocolate & apple pork burgers

Darrell and I have tried 3 kinds of low carb/sugar alcohol free ChocoPerfection bars (from www.netrition.com) now. We waver over whether or not the Dark Chocolate or the Dark Chocolate Raspberry is best… both are top notch! They are pricey but worth it!
However… we both agree- the milk chocolate disappoints us. It tastes EXACTLY like a cheap Easter bunny. I’m glad we tried the dark first because if we had tried the milk (and usually we both prefer milk) then I would have never bought any again.
My favorite thing… macadamia nuts stirred into melted dark chocolate ChocoPerfection (and it melts perfectly in the microwave!) and then spread onto nonstick aluminum foil and allowed to harden. Mmmm!
I made these apple pork burgers tonight (slightly altered from Dana Carpender’s “15 Minute Low Carb Recipes”) and they were TERRIFIC. Excellent as a lunch or supper but would also rock as a light sausage side to eggs! I made 2 batches.
1/4 granny smith apple, cut into chunks
1 t onion powder
1 lb porkloin chops, cut into cubes WITH the fat, slightly frozen
1 T low carb baking mix
1 egg
1/2 t salt
3 oz cheddar shreds
Put everything except cheese in food processor. Pulse until well mixed and resembles ground pork. Add cheese and pulse until just mixed.
Form into 4 patties and grill until well done.