Wonder Twin Powers– Activate!

I thought I was going to have a post-O high temperature this morning, but it was a typical 96.9. I hope I O today. I am so ready to be in the 2ww. I am having a few light twinges on my left side right now. Nothing major, but it keeps me hopeful!
One of the girls on my boards seems to be my twin this cycle. We have the same first name, are on the same cycle day, BDed the same nights and are both on the verge of Oing. Some of our comments matched almost exactly! She goes by Jen P and has been saying very good comments about this journal and my nursery pictures.
Mon Aug 20:
Jen P again…
Just caught myself up on Jen H’s diary entries and I must tell everyone to go check her curtains out…they are cute as ever!! I love the M&M characters! BTW, Jen H, we are cycle buddies!
Mon Aug 27:
Jen H-Just had to come back to tell you how much I LOVE your nursery! It looks SOOO awesome! I love the furniture. My brother and SIL got their baby furniture at Sears too. I get the crib that was for Owen (he passed away if you haven’t read my past posts about the triplets) Isn’t this stuff expensive!? The baby industry knows they can get us for big bucks. Congrats on the great deals. I just love the M&M patterned fabric. Can’t wait to see how your quilt turns out.
Isn’t she the best?! We’ve been joking that we are the “Wonder Twins,” like the cartoon. Thanks for your support, Jen P!!
I can’t wait to get the last few decorations put up and get in some serious time on my quilt. But too much is happening for it to happen this weekend. I have my newsletter to write and we are going to Schliterbahn this Monday, Labor Day. We are bringing Amanda, Sam’s sister with us. If it ever stops raining here, we are sure to have a blast!!!
Next Friday is my Dr. appointment. I am getting more and more nervous! Hopefully, I will be something like 7 dpo and far enough for a blood test. A positive result would just make me too happy right now!!

Two super deals

OMG!!! I can’t believe we have a crib all done up in our nursery!!!
I guess I had better start at the beginning… Darrell and I went shopping yesterday for computer stuff, since he is in dream mode knowing he is getting one for Christmas. As we were walking out of CompUSA, I pointed out how close we were to Babies R Us we were, and he said, “let’s go!” I was so surprised! But I had mentioned before that I thought having a crib set up would be nice so I could sew some sheets and stuff in primary colors and M&M fabric and would know if the stuff I am sewing fit. So we went and looked at cribs! Boy, were they expensive! Funny thing is, with all those models set up to see, I didn’t like ANY of them! And besides, the cheapest one there was $230! I am not into these modern crib styles. They look like sleighs, for the most part. The couple I could have lived with were over $300!
So we went to look at bedding. I went down this long aisle, were they had all these matching sets displayed. None of them were primary colors. Not one! Apparently I am really going against the grain with my choice of colors! So we went on to look for a bassinet sheet. We have all the stuff for the bassinet except for the sheet for the little mattress pad and I thought I could at least buy that today. And Lo and Behold, I turn the corner and there was a brand of bedding called “Koala Care” that sold bedding in primary blue, red, and yellow! And actually at prices I liked! WooHoo! We ended up purchasing a red bumper set, a yellow sheet (even though I plan on making a M&M one) and blue dust ruffles. And a white bassinet sheet!
Now I am very excited! I don’t have to sweat over dust ruffles and crib bumpers. I can just sew the M&M sheet and have a great coordinating set at a fabulous price. Bedding sets run from $169 to over $200 for a comforter (which I don’t need b/c I am making the quilt), a sheet, dust ruffles, bumper pads, and a diaper stacker (which I hate using). So I got only what I needed for $45 + $30 for quilt materials. Half the cost!
Needless to say, I left the store quite excited but I still wanted a crib! So I conned DH with a promise of a footlong from Subway and a REAL movie (read “expensive”) tomorrow if we could stop in at Sears and look at their cribs. I right away found a crib I loved in the Jenny Lind style. It was old-fashioned, nice wood design and sturdy. And it looked nothing like a sleigh! But the best part was that it cost $95! I couldn’t believe it. It was on sale for $25 off the normal price. We stood back and discussed it for a while as two women came by to inspect it. I clearly heard one remark to the other, “This is the same crib we just bought. Look at the price here! We paid one hundred dollars more!”
That cinched it. I knew I wouldn’t find a better deal for such a great, new crib. As I was browsing the matching changing table, I came across one of Sear’s registry catalogs. It must have been my lucky day, because inside was a coupon for $5 off any furniture purchase in the kids department.
A very PG woman and her mother came by and wanted the same crib. They had looked elsewhere and thought this was a great bargain too. So they went and found a salesperson and both of us got down to the business of buying cribs and such. In the end, we actually came home with a new crib, a mattress, and a changing table, all being on sale with an extra $5 off for a total of $207 plus tax. Less than just a crib at Babies R Us!
Of course, we spent the rest of the night setting them up! We had lots of laughs doing it too. Darrell kept climbing into it and “waahing” like a baby. And then once the mattress was in place, he just HAD to get underneath it and swat at me like a cat! And let me say they both look wonderful! We are very happy with our purchases. I can’t go by the room now and not peek into it! :o)
On that note, my new TCOYF software says I am in the fertile phase now at day 13. My CM has started to change to this crumbly white stuff (after the moisture dissipates) and my book says this is a version of “sticky” CM. Maybe this will be the lucky cycle and we’ll get to put our furniture to use! If not, I am looking forward to my dr. visit on September 7 to see what she thinks.

It’s curtains for us

AF is slowing down. I think I’ll be down to spotting by tomorrow night or Monday. I loaded up the trial version of the Life Cycle software many people on my board use. I have been taking my temperature every morning. I am going to see if I ovulate by the time my doctor appointment on September 7 gets here. By then, I’ll be on day 24, so if I O this month it should be by then. So far my morning temps have all been 96.8 or 96.9 degrees.
I got some nursery decorating stuff accomplished today. I made curtains with M&M character heavy fabric. They came out great! We also discussed design ideas using the 5 stuffed M&M characters we won at Sea World. We are going to hang them from the ceiling in a circus type theme—from a trapeze bar, a set of rings, and on a tightrope. We went to Home Depot with our friend Dobie (a very creative type of guy). We got thin rope plus a dowel rod for the trapeze bar, but couldn’t find anything suitable for the rings. We ended up at Wal-Mart and bought a ring toss game! The rings are the right size, and for lack of anything better, I guess they’ll do okay. I am currently painting the trapeze bar red. It will be neat to see them all put up!
I briefly chatted with Darrell about possibly buying a crib early. My plan is to make the crib bedding and I would really like to set up a crib so I can make sure the sheets and stuff fit as I am sewing them. I would hate to make up a whole set and find out they don’t fit. I shudder at the thought!

“On the rag” together

Well, I am on CD#1 of C#5 now. But it didn’t hit me hard this time. Lillian is on her period too and I wonder if her hormones in the air brought mine on. LOL. That use to happen awhile back when I lived with two other women. We always got “on the rag” together. I wonder if there is any scientific evidence that this can happen.
I stopped a Schwann’s truck today to get my DH some yummy Strawberry Fruit Bars. I gave Sam one that I had chopped up and he went to town on it! LOL. His poor lips were more purple than his sippy cup!! And after he was done, he would whine and fuss until either Amanda or I would give him some of ours. He was insistant! We couldn’t eat ours fast enough! Darrell enjoyed his treat.
Someone on the boards mentioned how we were in the same boat this cycle (meaning neither of us thought we O’d). The she said, “I hate this boat!” For some reason that just set me off. I laughed so hard! I responded that I was ordering up cruise ship for next month with 5 crew members for every passenger and free massages! I offered to treat them all. :o)

Congratulations Melissa O

One of the girls on my Hopeful Momstalk board found out she is pregnant this morning. After 22 cycles and 21 months! She is such a great member of the board. I will miss her when she goes. We cheered her pregnancy in a BIG way! Congratulations, Melissa O!!!
I’ve had menstrual type pain for several days now and it really hurt something awful yesterday. Especially when lying down. But it mostly went away and today has been fine. The way I see it: I either tried very hard to O and just couldn’t or I O’d a very LARGE egg. LOL. I’m thinking of a chicken egg. Then, I started spotting today. I am kind of surprised. If it is AF coming, then she is WAY early. But since I’d give ovulation about a 40% chance this month, maybe this will be a short cycle and I can get on to the next one. Or it could be mid-cycle spotting that I sometimes get. Then maybe AF is still awhile in coming. Whenever she comes, I promised the board girls that I’d entertain her for awhile. Like, strap her down on my kitchen floor and gag her. LOL.
I had a very good day at work today. Sam was a lovey boy. Full of hugs and kisses. My boss, Lillian, stopped working 10 minutes early and sat down and chatted with me. It was very nice of her. She thought I might be upset over Melissa O’s pregnancy. I had told her about it this morning. I explained to her that I was very happy about it. Melissa O worked very hard to get PG and deserves every ounce of happiness she got today. But it was nice of her to care about my emotional well-being and I told her so.
I found out that Marcia, a woman who works in Lillian’s office, is having trouble TTCing too. She’s had 2 m/cs and is on Clomid. She’s thinking of getting a HSG done. Funny how lots of people you know are having problems conceiving when you get into that kind of personal conversation. The sad part is that she’s been married for 11 years. I wonder how long she has been TTCing? All I know is that her first m/c was in 1995. That was a long time ago!

Martians & alfalfa sprouts

I am on cycle day number 24. I am still on the verge of ovulating, I think. If I am drier in the morning, I will call this O day.
My CM has been wacky the past few days. In the time span of a few hours it can go from great EWCM to none and back again. But we have BDed well in the past 5 or 6 days. We seem to do better every month. I like all this fertile CM but I am worried that if it dries up and comes back, etc. that the sperm will die during a dry patch. Hopefully in the uterus it is less patchy. I have had a bit of pain from both sides at different times, so I don’t know which side I’m ovulating from (if I really am at all).
I am really excited about all the readers I have now. My guest book has 5 real entries. I have looked at Julie’s (my diary buddy) pregnancy journal section. I can’t wait to make a special Pregnancy Diary section on my own website!
I am really hoping this cycle. The odds of getting pregnant in any one cycle are supposed to be about 25% or 1 out of 4. Better if you know how to time everything. Since this is cycle #4, perhaps this is the lucky one!
One of the girls on the Hopeful Momstalk board told me that August and September are the hardest months to conceive because of the summer heat. I think this is probably doubly true for the intense San Antonio heat. Not a pleasant thought. It seems we are all getting wacky temps or CM this month. I wrote on the board, “Have y’all noticed that practically everyone is having wacky CM/ temps right now? Are the poles about to shift? Martians landed?! Full moon?! Whassup??!!!”
I tried out alfalfa sprouts this month. They are supposed to make CM wetter and more hospitable. The morning after I ate them the first time I had great CM. Probably the best stretchiness I have ever seen. Coincidence? I don’t know. I had more today. Potato chips with ranch dip and sprouts are pretty good! I am looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow morning.

Left in the dust

It has been a LONG time since my last entry. A bunch has happened. We had a wonderful vacation in Indiana. A luxurious 11 days. We spent 3 days traveling by train there and back. It was wonderful to relax and not do much of anything but play Game Boy, eat and take naps. I was initially disappointed that Aunt Flo was still visiting when we left for the trip. She stayed the whole train trip up there. But I later realized that if she had arrived any earlier we probably would have missed our ovulation window. It is very hard to BD in the middle of your father’s living room. :o) Sure made for a great time on the train on the way home, though. ;o)
I have a bassinet in our “nursery” now. I really like it. It is a nice and wide deluxe model that probably cost $150. I worked a few extra nights for it, so it cost me nothing but a little time.
I remember mentioning in one of my first entries another woman who started a preconception journal the same month as me. Well, she found out she was pregnant today. And, of course, I burst into tears. I am happy for her, but it seems like Darrell and I have been “trying” for a long time now. I feel like I’ve been passed up and left in the dust. I am tearing up just thinking of it. But I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful baby.
I am on cycle day 21. I think I will ovulate real soon. I was pretty dry yesterday. Today, I had wet CM and it stretched a bit too. It was also clear. Is it possible to skip the cloudy part? Maybe it just came and went faster than usual and I missed it. We covered both today and yesterday so I am hopeful that we will succeed this month.
I think my boss really worries about what will happen when I am pregnant. She told me yesterday that she had a dream that I came back from vacation and told her I was pregnant. Maybe it was just her way of questioning me if I was or not. I told her I wasn’t pregnant. If this “trying to conceive” phase of my life goes on much longer, I may seriously regret telling some people what we are up to. I guess I feel more pressured to perform. I guess that’s why I cried when I found out that Julie (from the other website) is pregnant.
Big sigh. I wish… I wish… I wish….