A hopeful last opportunity

Not much news others than I am in the 2 week wait. I think we hit it perfectly, but I never am really sure. I did finally have CLEAR EWCM (yahoo!) but it isn’t much different from normal stuff except that it’s stretchy. The next day it looked the same, maybe more watery, except I couldn’t get it to stretch. So, I figured my fertile period was over. I guess I only have one good day per ovulating cycle, so I better pay more attention to the signs in the future!
I am very hopeful this time around. We really gave it our best shot. And I feel like something may really be happening in there. Twinges and stuff. This morning I feel twinges in my left side. Of course, that isn’t anything unusual for this time in my cycle. I am guessing that I am 4 or 5 dpo. I am on cycle day 27. I can test probably by Sunday, July 8. I am looking forward to it. I really want to know if I’ll be pregnant when I go to my Dad’s house at the end of July. This is probably my last shot before I see him. Unless this cycle ends pronto. Please stay in there!!!!!
I have been reading another woman’s journal. She calls her web page Earthmovers and Sandcastles, which is neat. It’s at www.redhairedgirl.com/main. She just had her baby a week or two ago, after struggling with infertility problems. I really enjoyed her story and hope it continues.

Borderline crazy

Boy, am I glad it is Saturday! :o)
Last night DH and I went to Garden Ridge to finish shopping for the stuff I need to make my brother’s wedding gift basket. We had SO much fun finding silly stuff to add to the serious gifts we’d already bought. Right in the middle of this we passed a display of rolls of different wall borders. Someone had opened one roll and it was draped down the front of the display. It was the PERFECT border to go with our M&M theme! I couldn’t believe it! It was made up of large diamonds with slightly muted colors of red, blue, green, and yellow. We loved it instantly and the walls can be colored this slightly dulled shade of yellow. But I still haven’t given up on all four walls being a different color. We have been trying to come up with a way to paint the walls without these bright primary colors that would drive us crazy looking at. We were so happy! And the best part?! The rolls were only $1.00 each!
I have a bit of EWCM. But it never gets really clear. Just more of it and stretchy. I sure wish I had a fertility monitor. I talked to my mother last night. Mostly about my brother’s wedding. But I did find out that it took her 5 YEARS to conceive her first child. Yikes! I don’t know what I’ll do with myself if it takes that long for us! But she did have three healthy children, so that is good. I do know she also had 2 m/c. One before me and one after me.
I sure hope this is the cycle for us!! I SO want to announce my pregnancy in person to my Dad and brothers (it looks like Mom isn’t going to make it there) and after this wedding is my only shot for that!

A baby quilt design emerges

I am on cycle day 17. My cycles average out to about 34 days. So if I ovulate 10-16 days prior to this, I need to BD between days 18 and 24. Of course that’s if this cycle isn’t short or long. Groan. I really need a fertility monitor! If this cycle doesn’t end with me pregnant, I am going to find the money for one. It seems a waste to buy ovulation predictor kits for me because I’d go through a bunch with my irregular cycles. Boy, am I getting antsy now!
I must say that the time between needing to BD often (now) up to the time when you can test is my favorite part of the cycle. I hate the few days after a negative test. “Failed” is all I can think of. I am glad the day you begin to menstruate is CD # 1. I know it’s psychological, but it seems more like a fresh start instead of a bad ending.
We spent a nice weekend up at the in-laws. I love how time slows up there. I adore sitting on their deck in a cool evening breeze, doing nothing but petting the cats and dogs as they come up to you and looking at the pretty flowers Waynell grows. I found some great M&M fabric up there and I am ready to start a baby quilt. I am new to quilting but I have thought a lot about how I’m going to make it (as easy as possible!) and I am ready to give it a try. The pattern of triangles ends up creating diamonds. I think I can machine quilt around the diamonds, leaving long ends. Then, I can take the threads and put them in a needle and bury a knot into the quilt, like they do in hand quilting. I’ll get the ease of machine sewing and wonderful straight lines. I found a neat sewing technique on the net that allows me to just cut squares and sew them in two places, cut between the seams, and then end up with two pieces completed. In the picture, the blue is small M&M candies print. The yellow is pretty big M&M characters print. The red is a rainbow print.

I offered to baby-sit a few evenings in exchange for Sam’s bassinet and swing. Both are like new. It wouldn’t cost me anything but time. They buy really nice stuff and I would rather have nice, slightly used stuff than new, cheap stuff.

The M&M project

My period ended Sunday night, and I believe that was day 7. That makes today day 9. I guess in the next few days Baby Dancing fun will start up again. I am ready to get going on this cycle. 30 days (roughly) never went this slow before.
I have a lot of maternity clothes now! I have 2 pairs of jeans (one light blue, one dark blue), a pair of navy pants, a pair of tan pants, a pair of dark blue jean shorts, and another pair of shorts that will arrive any day now. Two of the pants have adjustable elastic in the tummy pouch—it really makes a big difference!
I think I am going to try to make some of the nursery items. I’ve decided that the “Over the Moon” designed items are just too expensive. I’ve been trying to think of new ideas (some along the moon/ stars theme, some not). We went to Sea World last weekend and Darrell won me a set of 11 inch stuffed M&M characters. I have always loved the M&M characters!! I have all 5: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange (who they also call Crispy). We started talking about how they’d make cute nursery decorations, which led to the discussion of an M&M nursery theme. I love the idea! We thought we could hang a couple from a trapeze type bar from the ceiling and maybe another from a set of rings. Maybe a couple more could be climbing a pole type lamp, etc. The next day he took me fabric shopping. M&M fabric exists but it is very difficult to find any that isn’t holiday related. We had one poor guy at one store call around town to other locations for us. Another store had soft flannel with the characters on it! We went and picked it up. It was great because it only cost $2.44 per yard! We bought the 4 yards they had. Another store had flannel in the candies (not the characters). It was $5.99 per yard. I didn’t buy it because I saw some of this kind on ebay, which was a bit less. I think these will go good together. I’ll use the flannel mostly for fitted sheets and curtains, I think. I’ll make/ buy bumpers, dust ruffles (is that what they’re called?), and maybe a blanket in primary colors and just do the edging in the M&M fabric. This should be fun!

Me with little Sam. Isn’t he cute?!

Sweatshirt stuffing

On the TTC topic, I am still in the middle of my period.
I got my first maternity thing today! I received a pair of maternity jeans in the mail last night. It is one of the items I ordered off of ebay. They cost about $16 total. In a store around here they would be at least $35, probably $40. I also got my first blessing on the baby (by email). Of course, she would think I was pregnant if I was ordering maternity clothes! I was a bit embarrassed. Then, of course, I had to run and change into them to see if they fit (and more importantly, to see how big I’ll probably get!!). They fit WONDERFULLY! They are soooo comfortable. Not at all stiff like new jeans commonly are. I am going to live in these jeans! I stuffed a wadded up, thick sweatshirt underneath the waistband, patted it into the right shape, and went to go show my woefully unprepared for this sight husband. He was sitting at the computer and I came up behind him and told him to turn around. His eyes got wide! Grin. But he recovered nicely and remarked that he thought I’d carry a little lower down. Hopefully we’ll see for ourselves soon!
Okay, the game of “Trying to Conceive” has lost its fun newness. I am ready to be pregnant! Sigh. Let’s hope this next cycle is the one for us!

Nursery theme plans

Well my Auntie Flo returned today. This cycle was 36 days long, which isn’t so bad. They’ve actually been shorter lately. The longest cycle I’ve had in the last 6 or 7 cycles is 40 days. Usually I’ve had a couple that last 45 days. Still, I’ve got to find out what the mid-cycle spotting means. I think I might try the plain Robitussin next cycle. I don’t get very much CM.
I now own 2 pairs of maternity jeans, 2 shorts, and a pair of pants. And a sewing for baby book! Ebay is addictive and exciting! This whole set cost me about $65, shipping and everything. About half of the clothes are brand new. I can’t wait for something to actually arrive in the mail. I am dying to try something on! I want to get an estimate of how big I’m gonna get! Okay, I admit it! I’ll probably stuff in a few little pillows too! Smile. I may or may not buy a swimsuit. I’ll need a few shirts, but I won’t buy very many. I have a feeling several that I already own will last for quite some time.
I have pretty much decided on a moon and stars nursery. Good for boy or girl, though I’ll attempt to find out the sex during an ultrasound. It is good to be prepared for either, just in case. I like the “Over the Moon” nursery set by Kidsline. It has a “Hey, diddle diddle…” nursery rhyme theme with moons and stars. I am trying to win a cross-stitched framed design that would go great with it. It has different colored cows jumping over a moon with “Dare to be different!” printed in the middle. I love it!
I am prepared—baby where are you?!