A homeschool post

This is part of a post I wrote on one of my boards that summarized what we are doing school-wise and what we will be doing soon nicely so I thought I’d copy it here.
I imagine we’ll already own MUS Beta since there is no way Bren will not be long done with Alpha unless subtraction just completely stumps him. So next year might be 1/2 Beta and Gamma (or most of it anyway).
This year we are doing 2 Harcourt-Brace history textbooks- “Our World” & “Meeting Many People” from 1997. The 1st one is so simple that we are already almost done with it so we’ll do the 2nd grade one as well. So NEXT year we’ll start SOTW and the activity guide, which I already own. Looking forward to it myself. 😀
As for Science, I am continuing with the Usborne First Encyclopedias. I own Human Body (mostly done), Animals (done the insects, spiders, butterflies), Seas & Oceans (next), Our World, Dinosaurs, Space, and Science. They are perfectly done in 2 page gorgeous segments. The photos are amazing and every one has internet links to games and movies and fun stuff on the internet. I do want to get into some experiments and may look into some library books about that. Those should last through next year.
In another 3 months or so Bren will finish Hooked on Phonics so I need to figure out where to go from there. Perhaps I’ll let him start reading the Magic Tree House books to me then. 🙂 All the interesting kid series’ seem to start at level 3 and I’m thinking he’ll be close but not quite there. I also have the choice of doing the HOP Master Reader 4 book series… hmm. Not having a formal program kind of bugs me… there aren’t any goals to reach I guess. We also currently do an online phonics program called ClickNKids but we should be done with it by the end of the year too. Will definitely find time for the Boxcar Children and the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I have a gr 1 grammar workbook that we are going to start soon (Scholastic Success with Grammar) so I probably will buy gr 2 for next year. That and the free online Scott Foresman grammar books at http://www.sfreading.com/resources/ghb.html
He has only 1/4 of his Hooked on Spelling left so I might do an online program or something there. I have a video game I bought that I need to look at still too. I have an activities book but it is generic so I’ll at least need word lists from somewhere.
We’re working on Hooked on Spanish (just finished the yellow level, 2 to go) & The Complete Book of Starter Spanish. I have 2 more Spanish books lined up on Amazon so I’m good there.
For writing (which is Bren’s weak point) we’re doing 2 dollar store handwriting books and he writes a journal entry or two a week. I don’t know if I’ll do a specific handwriting book next year. Probably not but I already have the cursive book for 3rd grade (Daily Handwriting Practice: Contemporary Cursive). It’s a simple no nonsense no unecessary curls and whirls font. aswq I have a 4 book set of books for story writing we’ll start next year… Start Writing Adventure Stories, Start Writing Amazing Stories, Start Writing About People and Places & Start Writing About Things I do.
We also do various worksheets out of the Comprehensive Curriculum Grade 1 workbook which points out some useful things I’ve left out. 😆 I’ll definitely buy Grade 2.
The only new subject I am looking into for next year is a typing program… maybe Jumpstart Typing or Mario Teaches Typing 2.

Well blow me down

Darrell just walked in the door with a rose, a card and 2 humongous pieces of cheesecake.
I totally missed that it is our 9th anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary Honey!!!


I am terrified… so no I haven’t tested. I’m 10 dpIUI today. I am trying not to think of it at all, being only somewhat successful of course.
Why am I terrified now and not in prior cycles…
1. Well, we are nearing the end of our financial ropes. Honestly, we’ve spent way too much already.
2. We are nearing the limit to how many clomid cycles they allow. And my dr doesn’t do injectible IUIs.
3. I am trying to figure out what another baby is WORTH (for lack of a better word) to us… how many more cycles that mess with my head and DH’s work schedule. Worth going further in debt? Maxing out a credit card? Using the boys’ college fund (a little more than $1500)? Using everything we can possibly pull out of every nook, cranny, credit card & 401K? How does someone decide this?
4. I know I won’t be cycling next month… we’ll be away when I’ll need to get prescriptions and such. I loathe waiting.
5. I know that my odds go down with every cycle I am not pregnant. A woman who goes through 4 perfect cycles and doesn’t get pg… chances are something new is wrong. Endometriosis? Fibroids? Blocked tubes? Old eggs? Too many c-sections?
6. I am responding less well every month.
7. This is our last full sibling shot.
8. Every day I don’t know is a day I can still hope.
I really, really want this and I have no control over it. I requires a bit of magic.

IUI #4

We decided to go with the whole vial because half a vial would probably just mean 2 poor IUIs rather than 1 good one. We made the right choice because this was the worst sample yet- only 19 million post-thaw motile. Half would not have been enough. We triggered at 9 pm, which turned out to be about 36 hours prior to this IUI.
So, the smallest amount of eggs AND sperm in the same cycle. Grrreaaaatttt. 🙁
Well, it’s done. Now we just wait some more and hope.
And ouuucchhh, I am so sore right now!

Follicle ultrasound

CD #14
Left: 19×21=20, 15×18=16.5
Right: 14X19=16.5
Trigger tommorrow night for a Saturday morning IUI. They are discussing the possibility of using only half of the vial since it is our last one.
The Dr suggested we look into IVF if this cycle doesn’t work. Waaah.