As the ball drops

I’ll be giving myself my first injection. Happy New Year!
Right Ovary made 4 eggs:
29×24= 26.5
31×17= 24
23×25= 24
18×12= 15
Left Ovary took another month off. The Dr found the ovary but it was empty. But that is the side I feel the pains on?!
IUI#2 at 8:15 on Jan 2.

Happy Holidays!

Well, we’re off to see the grandparents tomorrow. 😀 Wheeee~ it’s Christmastime!
Watch this a capella Christmas music video- it’s hilarious!! Stop the song that automatically plays and click on “12 days” after the first entry. Enjoy!

Nope, not it.

Spot arrived in the wee hours on Monday (barely CD 12) and AF is fully here today. I start Clomid again on Thursday. Here we go again. Cranky over Christmas = Jen. Boo!
I plan on making an egg ultrasound appt for the 31st. We’ll see if they like that idea. I’d like to have the IUI 36 hours after trigger instead of 24… that’d make it around the 2nd of January if the eggs are ready then.
The waiting is not fun but the worst part of all this is the wasted money!!!
Andy says “spiderman” now, lol. So cute. He is in a huggy-lovey stage but he is fast to holler if you don’t let him climb up the drawer handles on changing tables at diaper change time!
TMI: Funny probably only to me but Brendan shouted for me this afternoon and I came running. He said, “Mom, I just burped and had a BLAST! I am sorry but I pooped in my underwear…” LOL… a blast! I guess he’s had enough juice for a few days! 😉 Brendan is such a good brother- he plays with Andy all the time! 😀 I’m proud of him!
The 2 little kitties have indeed survived our freezing temps and are fat (yet teensy) butterballs. 🙂


12dpIUI. BFN. Snowy white.
First morning urine was not as dark as I’d hoped either. I’ll try again this evening.
But the OPK has a very faint line. That’s promising.
Boobs swollen and heavier.
Slight food aversions.
I’ve been tired past 2 evenings and I took a nap a couple days ago.
Same exact symptoms as last time.


8dpIUI. Doing pretty well with not overly obsessing. Taking daily OPKs and the darn hcg from the trigger shot has not left my system yet. Have yet to take today’s test though. Can’t take hpts “for real” when they’d be a fake +…. I alternate between having swollen boobs and deflated boobs, hurting ovaries, then no pain whatsoever, yaddie, yaddie. At least my weight gain was temporary and I am back to within a pound of what I had gotten down to. Yay! (No jinxies…)
So, instead, I am baking. I made some awesome banana bread with some of the vanilla bean sugar (still stinks, lol) a few days back. Today I am making both orange-cranberry bread and apple cinnamon bread- both from starter. They are in the oven. YUM!
We discovered that (wild? neighbors?) mama cat (whom we cannot catch to get fixed) decided to have more babies… again in my backyard. Thankfully she only had 2 this time. Unfortunately, last night was a good freeze so hopefully they made it. I have a warmed up insulated house with towels and cushions for them, and some use it, but the wee 2 1/2? weeks kittens were not in it last night.
I am possibly done with Christmas shopping, I need to make another list check and maybe 80% done with wrapping. Still need to make 3 pans of bar cookies and some decorated dipped caramel candies. Going well this year.
Brendan is running around “practicing kung fu in the dungeons” in his favorite transformers hoodie once again enjoying our plastic ball air pump and Andy is running around with a set of 6 winnie the pooh figurines asking me to enact skits with them where Tigger ends up bouncing them down and asking me to play catch with him. Oh, and he FINALLLY likes the Geomag G-baby magnetic blocks, now that he is nearly 28 months and the box says for 9-24 months.

My suspicions on ovulation

I had a distinct sharp pain from my left ovary right before the IUI and one not long after it. It wasn’t until the next morning that my right side hurt- and it hurt a lot more, but for about 1/2 hour, not just a sharp pain or two. My guess is that I ovulated and then ovulated again 24 hours later?? Hmmm… I wonder how possible that is.
I’ve gained over 5 pounds since I went off Atkins… sheesh, it has only been just over a week. I’m hoping a few pounds is water weight from the Clomid or something.
I’m really feeling the pressure to get all the Christmas stuff done. To save money, a person usually makes handmade gifts and my “to make” list is long… dipped apples such as chocolate caramel toffee (about 40), apple, banana & orange-cranberry breads (about 15), butter pecan cookie bars (3 pans), decorated dipped caramels (2 or 3 bags)….
I made 2 batches of vanilla bean sugar and WOW the smell is not anything like I thought it would be. Kind of gross actually and I am disappointed. Those vanilla beans cost me $22!!!
At least most of my shopping is done. And I don’t have to worry too much about schooling right now even though I know the more we do now, the less I have to do when a baby comes.
I just need to keep on trucking I guess. Hopefully being busy will keep me from going too crazy in this 2ww. Frankly, I suck at waiting.


CD 17. 54 million motile 15 year old sperm and $303 later… IUI complete.
Apparently this sample was given 3 years earlier than Andy’s- the month I graduated from high school. Haha. Pretty amazing that there were 54 million swimmers considering how long they have sat on ice!
I am wearing my 2 lucky charm necklaces as I type. Andy calls the hope charm “ball” and the fertility charm “money”.
*fingers crossed*
We had a nice breakfast at Bill Miller’s. Mmmmm pancakes. 🙂

Another early morning egg report

That’s SIX fully grown eggs!
The first thing the ultrasound revealed was that the area on my uterus around my c-sections scar is on the thin side. The lady doctor then measured these 6 eggs, plus 2 more immature ones, all in my right ovary. She didn’t look too hard for my left hide-n-seek ovary and what she did find was empty… I really don’t think she was in the correct place. I feel twinges and tenderness on both sides so I am fairly certain something is going on over there too. I didn’t press her to search harder because I was afraid they’d cancel this cycle and I can’t afford to convert to IVF. So at least 6 fat & juicy eggs.
I got the “you might conceive multiples” talk. I also got the “you’ve had 2 c-sections, chance of uterine rupture” talk. With the thin area around the scars, I am inclined to agree that another trial at labor may not be such a good idea.
I had the Ovidrel in the stomach shot. IUI is tomorrow morning. I have 6 pregnancy tests waiting. 😀