4/7- Andy’s first roller coaster! 🙂 Shamu Express. They rode it 4 times!
Kayley crawls on her feet if you put her on hard floor with an outfit that exposes her knees. Haha.
4/13- Andy started Clicknkids phonics today! Bren and I were both nostalgic. 😉
4/13- Kayley says “bie” for bite now.
Andy calls the Power Rangers “Samurai Rangers” 😀
Brendan calls Kayley “Babushkie”. Andy calls her “Buckie” (short for Bucket). Melts my heart!
4/19 Kayley says “bye” complete with wave. She’ll say hi and wave to strangers all on her own in stores too.
Sooo cute!
Brendan is learning to type and doing fantastically! He can type all the lowercase letters at 12 WPM. He is
proving to be a quick learn at cursive as well.
4/21 Me: “Kayley, did you finish your bottle?”
K: “Bah?” (She morphed from Bee to Bah- Bee now means pacifier)
Me: “Where did your bottle go?”
K: “BOOO-TTLLLLE???” (In the voice of me calling to Brendan from another room…) LOL!
4/23 Kayley cruised down the side of a bed tonight! Next stop: walking!
4/24 Kayley said “Bah Mama!” today (bottle Mama). 😀 She also said “ba!”… she got excited when I undressed
her and thought she was getting a bath, haha!
Lots of b words…
bah bottle
bee pacifier
ba bath
bie bite, bye
4/27 Kayley is really working on words… we catch her mimicking us all the time. We were surprised to hear
her mimic me saying “I love you” the other night and she tries to say pizza (puh) and ball (buh). She’s a
cheeky lil thing too! She loves to blow air through her lips at you and get you to do it back! She said a
full “bye bye” today too.
5/1 Andy can whistle! 😀
5/4- K said ball twice today!
5/5- Kayley says “hello” while putting a phone to her ear! 😀
5/6- Andy: Can I have 2 more sandwiches Mom?
Mom: How about ice cream later instead?
Andy: Okay. 2 sandwiches minus 2 sandwiches equals ice cream. [LOL!]
5/16- Started giving K an oz or 2 of milk in her bottles now along with the extra strength formula the dr
5/17- Every once in awhile K practices letting go and standing alone for a few seconds. She thinks it is
5/19- Kayley follows these commands now:
Can I have your pacifier?
Sit down!
Lay down!
5/21- Happy 1st birthday little girl! 😀 We travelled to Mimi’s house for a Hello Kitty party. Mimi and Mom
each made you a cake!
5/22- Kayley can sing “La la la la la” with Dad! She also says “uh-oh!” 😀
5/24- K said “I love you!” This is the 2nd time…
Brendan finished MUS Gamma mathbook today!
5/29- K took her first several steps between Mom and Dad today! How exciting! Her standing without holding
anything has much improved! She can also mimics the humming of one of her dolls (Ariel).
After hearing me list the numerous reason why I would not want a convertible car…
Andy: Yeah, you can’t even take them to the car wash! [LOL! Pretty darn logical!]
6/1- The boys played chinese jump rope for the first time today and loved it!!
6/2 Andy is with Kayley in front of the little air conditioner. They are dancing in the “wind” and Andy is
singing “do the Bucky dance”… haha… Bucky being short for Bucket- our nickname for K.
Brendan is starting his first ever 5th grade reading level book, “How to Train Your Dragon”. Amazon said it
was for ages 8-12 so I went ahead and got it from the library. The I looked it up at Scholastic’s Book
Wizard… 5.7 rl. Gulp! But he is doing well so far!
6/3- Kayley stood up today without pulling up or holding onto anything!!
6/5- K said “du” for duck. She loves this word! She has a little squeakie blue bath duck that she can squeak
She also says “di” for diaper. She loves the new pampers girly prints and points out flowers on them and
everywhere. I’m gonna guess “flower” will be one of her words soon! 😀
6/6- K sais “chee” for cheese and “bah” for bath! She can stand for at least 30 seconds without falling and
took 3 steps on her own accord today! She can also dance!
6/7- Scene: Supper time. Andy goes to the restroom and whistles the entire time he’s in there… upon his
Darrell: Okay, Andy. You’re ready for the next thing to learn to whistle. [Whistles like a police car siren]
Andy: [imitates him quite well first shot]
Jen: Wow! I’m impressed! I’m going have to go write that down!
Brendan: How do you write down a whistle?!
Darrell & Jen: Hahahahahaha!
6/10- K says “cheese” and “pretty” 🙂
6/13- Kayley says “teeth” now and loves to put her grubby gummy fingers in your mouth to find your teeth.
EWWW! SHe is working on nose as well.
6/17- Kayley’s 12 month dr appt. She weighs 19 lbs 11 oz and is 29.9 inches tall. She looks great! Her
bottles are now 6 oz of milk with 1 scoop of formula, slowly transitioning to straight milk. She got 3 shots.
Next appt is at 15 months- set for September 20th.
6/20- K ate banana for the first time. Prior to this she has always refused it. She also says “light” now.
6/21- Kayley walks!!! She can go 10 or so steps now! She also says “I did it!” Happy 13 months!
6/25- K climbs everywhere now! She topped the final couch last night.
6/28- K tuned on her baby ipod today, stood up and started dancing- all on her own. SO CUTE! Andy learned
__ck words! 4 letters now!!! Brendan is reading Prince Caspian from Narnia. He really wants to see the
movie. LOL!
6/30- K says book and cookie and a garbled version of I Love You 🙂
7/4- Kayley is scared of the fireworks and Andy has Strep Throat. Yay.
7/6- Kayley says dog, nose. Knows the meaning of sit down, lay down, night-night. LOVES pineapple
7/12- Kayley’s toy of the week: kleenex. The joy. :/ She now says light. Her favorite food- pineapple
milkshake! Loves to dance. Loves to put the pie ring over her head, lol.
7/13- Boys’ first dental visits! Both did wonderful! Bren has a lil cavity between his 2 front teeth but
otherwise great. His teeth are coming in jumbled and he’ll need some orthodontic help soon. Andy had an A+
7/16- K says “Hello baby!” Loves ice cream!
7/18- K says “Oh wow!”
7/21- Happy 14 months! K says Up and Bottle. She is fully on sippy cups now, though we still call them
7/25- K says Yummy but it comes out Nummy! 😀 She also asks for “up” instead of whining to be picked up!
7/26- K says cup and Darrell said she said please!
7/30- K calls her barrettes and pony holders “pretties”! She likes her walking popper toy.
8/1- Andy finished the yellow Hooked on Phonics book and is now in the orange book! He learned ch- and th-
words today! Such a big kid!
Kayley calls her Glo-worm “baby”!
8/3- Andy had a marvelous, marvelous birthday party today… Marble Slab ice cream, brownie balls and going to
see Cars 2 with tons of friends & a Big Lou’s 42 inch pizza with Mimi and Papa! Wow we had fun!
8/4- Very quiet here with the boys away- they went home with Mimi and Papa! Kayley said “Good-bye Dada!”.
Kayley is finally starting to show a little interest in tv. By far her 2 favorite things right now are
helping me unload the dishwasher and seeing what is new and exciting in the recycle bin every day. LOL.
8/5- K says “drink” when she wants a sip of your drink and “tv” too. 🙂 She is starting to understand the
concept of cleaning things up and putting them away too. She put away her pacifiers before her morning milk
cup today. 🙂 Kayley kissed Elmo on the tv today. Her first tv love!!!
8/7- K wags her finger at you now and says “No, no!” Thanks DAD!!!
8/8- K said “Up, Baby!” to be picked up and “Hi there baby!” to a newborn baby in a swing today! Continuing
to love Elmo!
8/9- K says dog and Meow and loves animal sounds. K also has 2 new teeth- the top & bottom to her right side
of the center teeth.
8/16- K says cheese, block and cup 😀
8/18- K likes to try on and walk around in other people’s shoes!
8/24- Brendan had 2 cavities in between his front top teeth filled today. Took it like a champ! Played video
games the entire time!
8/26- Kayley is really making herself understood these days… up, bite, down, milk, cup, bapi (pacifier),
pretty (barrette), yummy, more, no-no, tv. Sadly, she has taken 3 hard falls to the head in 2 or 3 days…
thankfully each in a different spot on her head. 🙁
8/28- Kayley has sprung her 7th tooth! The top left of the center teeth. She also is finished with all
formula supplements to her milk cups. YAY!
8/29- K says “peepees” and pats her diaper. Wow. Awareness already. I may have an early potty trainer on my
hands! *no jinxes!*
9/2- Brendan cooked on the stovetop for the first time! YUM! Peanut Butter & Honey Quesadillas! 😀
9/3- Kayley calls toothbrushes and brushes “B”. She’ll brush her hair with both too. 🙂
9/5- K says please, thanks and Elmo
9/6- Brendan earned a “Touch Typist” Award! YAY!
9/7- Andy finished the Little CRiiter Great Race game!
9/14- K says “Bahbo” for booboo & gets 8th tooth- now has 4 on top and 4 on bottom
9/15- K says “eye”
9/16- Andy finished his math book! Math-U-See Primer!
9/24- K says “cuppy” for cup.
9/27- K loves playing with soccer balls- she did her first kick today!
10/1- K says “I did it!” Her 1st 3 word sentence!!!!! Also kitty & puppy.
10/5- K says OK
10/6- K says morning
10/8- K says Thank you
10/10- K says “Hello Big Guy!” Haha.
10/11- K says “brush your teeth”, Go! & Caillou
10/13- K says “get it”
10/14- K says bowl
10/16- K says “oh boy!”
10/20- K says “I love You!” & “oh, wow!”
10/22- K asks “Are you ok?”
10/26- K says door
10/28- K will point to the Gerber baby on a jar and say baby.
11/1- K says Dora
11/2- K says “There you are!”
11/8- K call her pcaifier “bau-ber” and also says stop and flower
11/11-Brendan made his first homemade hashbrown patties. He also ate his first fried egg. 😀
Andy- Know what I think of the cake (Easy Bake oven day)?
Me- What?
Andy- I LOVE IT!!!!! [Gives me hug] But I love you more!
Me- Wow, you love me more than cake???
Andy- Well, almost. I love cake 1 percent more.
11/12- K says “I’m done!” and “I’m stuck!”
11/15- “bah-ber-erry” = strawberry
11/17- K says ice cream & good girl
11/23- K says Good Morning
11/24- K says “I’m a good girl”
12/5- Brendan has been carrying around 2 cookbooks everywhere. One is a Kid’s cookbook my mom gave us and
another is a Philly cream cheese cookbook we got at Sam’s. Last night on the way to Walmart I asked him what
he was planning and he said he wanted to make “Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches”. Haha. SO we got the ingredients and
he made them- 80% without me today. They are baked and looked very good. I so wish I could have had one.
K- Cookie!
D- I don’t have a cookie, go see your mother.
K- Go get cookie!
D- Seriously?! Go get cookie?!
K- Good girl! Go get cookie!!
12/12 K: Ice cream, I love you!
12/14 Kayley’s 18 month well baby dr appt:
22.8 lbs, 75%ile for height, growing right along her curves
Brendan gets his dental appliances