Woot! Price quotes

IVF Clomid cycle is $2517.00 This price includes Retrieval and embryo transfer. ***OMG That’s $2,000 cheaper!!***
Anesthesiologist- between $450-$500
Regular IVF-$3659, + additional $880 for embryo transfer ($4539)
$500 cryopreservation- freeze any embryos (won’t happen)
$150 for storage for embryos/charge every 6 months, the price will increase to $500/every 6 months (definitely won’t happen)

Baseline appointment

CD 1. This morning was my baseline ultrasound- all clear, no cysts. They also did the uterine measurement “mock transfer”. My uterus is 80 mm to the top if that means anything to anyone. 😛 Somehow this only cost me $150?!
Start Clomid tomorrow, on cycle day 2 (I found out the earlier, the more follicles but if you accidently take it too early it can cause weeks of bleeding. That’s why they tell you take it days 3-7. Three days into your period is a good safe zone. And with IUIs, they don’t want as many follicles as possible as you do with IVF.) My dose was upped to 200 mg. RE said a good estimate is for 2/3 of the eggs retrieved to make it to embryos. I’ll most probably have a day 2 transfer since there is no point in waiting when whatever we get will go back in.
The dr confirmed that a minimal stimulation retrieval would cost less but he had no clue how much. The top billing lady was out to lunch so I am waiting for a call or email from her. He said an anesthesiologist would run about $450 + $75 in meds. I could do it with valium and vicodin but he doesn’t recommend it. I am waiting for confirmation on that price too. They want to keep the room sterile so they ask for nobody with us during retrieval… and I won’t quite be asleep but close to it.
I have my first follicle ultrasound on CD 12… Tuesday, Sept 1. I need to still make that appt.

IVF cycle begins

Tomorrow is either CD 1 or 2… depending on if my body gets in gear or not today. Regardless, I have a baseline ultrasound and uterine measurement appointment tomorrow at 11:00… and lots of questions to ask.
Thanks, Christopher for babysitting. 😀

Happy Birthday Andy!

I can’t believe you are 3!!!
Tonight’s special meal… pizza and Baskin Robbin’s ice cream. He’s been talking about ice cream (which he pronounces “ice crime” lol) all day! He says he wants black ice cream- I hope he means chocolate!
Andy is starting to pretend things- he handed me a stack of erasers today and told me he made me a sandwich. LOL! His current favorite foods are peaches and nutella sandwiches. He’s such a sweetie- I melt a bit more with each of his “Andy Specials”… super neck hugs!
Edited to add:

He chose Rocky Road… makes sense cuz his other fave food is marshmallows!

Brendan chose Outrageous Oreo!

The cost of mini-IVF

Call them on CD 1… I guess they are bypassing the BC pills.
Cycle day 1, 2 or 3- baseline ultrasound $77ish & uterine measurement $150
ultrasound follicle checks- $250ish each
Clomid- $50ish
Ovidrel trigger shot- $45 from Freedom Fertility
Retrieval- $3,369 (unsure if mini-IVF gets a cheaper rate)
Anesthesia/pain relief- ?? (unsure if I can go without one and just be given pain relievers)
Transfer of embryo(es) back into me- $880 (BTW, one donor vial of semen is enough)
Questions to ask at baseline appt:
Your website mentions retrieval can be done without an anesthesiologist… what pain reliever will I be given? Will I be asleep? Can someone come with me?
Does a minimal stimulation retrieval cost less than a standard retrieval?
Can I convert to IUI or cancel if I don’t get 3 appropriately sized follicles?
Your website mentions beginning ultrasound monitoring on CD 8. My typical Clomid for IUI monitoring date was CD 15 or 16. I’d like to minimize ultrasounds if possible- when should I come for the first ultrasound?
Would taking Clomid for an extra day or 2, say CD 2-7, improve my odds for more follicles?
Order Ovidrel from Freedom Fertility
Get Rx for Clomid