Con baby

Tomorrow is the convention we’ve been working towards for what seems like forever. I’ve forgotten what my normal life is, haha. I was honored with a second badge… awwww! Darrell commissioned it just for me! 😀

26w1d OB appt

Everything seems to be well…
Heartbeat in the 150s
Blood Pressure 112/72
Gained 2 pounds (total of 4)
Measured 27 weeks
Brendan met Dr. Gallagher “This is the first person who ever saw AND touched you!” 😀
Took the 1 hour GTT… possibly I’ll pass… I never got sick from it!! Of course, it was preceeded by an eggs and cheese breakfast! LOL!
Also gave blood for a “hematocrit & hemoglobin” panel.
Went to show the kids the newborn nursery. They had lots of questions… “Why is that baby crying? What is that on it’s belly button?” It was good for them to get a glimpse of what is coming! Haha.
Next appt March 23! I’ll be 30 weeks then! WOOT! The thought of having a daughter still gives me a ridiculous smile!!
Oh yeah… last night I noticed that my socks leave semi-permanent marks on my ankles now. The swelling begins…

Ack! I missed it!

I’m down to 2 digits now- 96 days til c-section! I keep forgetting to subtract 7 days from my ticker, haha.
25w2d today. Baby moves around all the time now! I had a small fever and nausea all day yesterday. I barely ate anything and slept off and on all day. The nausea and goes today but thank goodness I can come out of the mound of sweaters and blankets now! I’m actually sweating right now….
The car seat cover I had made came yesterday and it is BEE-U-TIFUL!!! I can’t wait to see my lil baby girl in it! Am I really having another baby? And a girl?