Right place, right time

A few days ago I bought Bren some more Pampers training pants. I paid $9.50 for 21. He now wears a size 6 Easy Ups or a size 4T/5T Feel N Learns. Even though the next size down fits still, they give him horrible wedgies, so we moved up. These are the largest sizes they make and they are hard to find.
Today we went to Target and they had the Feel N Learns on clearance. A box of 54 cost $17. I thought about it and calculated that that was 12 freebies AND $2 cheaper so I bought 6 boxes.
Turns out they were a promotional special and I got a $5 gift card for every 2 boxes. Plus I had $7 in coupons.
So instead of $9.50 for every 21 pants, I paid $5.19. Gotta love a bargain!
Speaking of potty training… it’s 8:45 pm and he hasn’t yet wet his pants! He still uses roughly 5 pairs of pants a day though. He has only asked to go on his own less than 10 times total. He has never pooped in the toilet and he often wakes up wet still. I am sure we’ll use all these new ones up.

Preggo pic

It has been awhile! Here I am today at 37w1d. Nothing exciting going on whatsoever.

You know… maybe I should start thinking he’s gonna be big- maybe bigger. Here I was with Bren at 36 weeks…

And here is a smiley face Bren drew today… much clearer though the nose is a tad high, lol. The squiggle at the top is hair.


37w0d. I was asked if I feel like a “watched pot” yet. No, not really. With my lack of dilation and such I am feeling like it is going to be a couple weeks at least yet. My aunt has called once and my MIL calls every few days or so but that isn’t too far from normal anyway. I do freak myself out once in awhile though. I’ll be going along thinking I have a month to get this baby out and then a bit later I’ll think “Hmmm… 3 weeks til my due date… that’s only 21 days!!!!” Haha. I still have several things I really should get done before the baby comes and I am a bit anxious to have the house “guest ready” but I don’t feel my time is up yet. Thanks to my getting handier all the time husband, we now have a working washer again. 😀
Today I have been working on packing the bags. There is a lot to think about with Bren and DH being away from the house- but not always at the same place as me- as well. I have the labor bag, the hospital bag (no need to pack together since we’ll have to change rooms after the birth), the diaper bag and DH and Bren’s hotel bag.
I have small sized toiletries for all of us and used free samples when I could. That cut down on a lot of space and weight. But then I have things like the boppy that are space hogs. I may just combine the hospital and labor bags and leave the boppy in the car til I change rooms and want to use it.
I bought Bren a few different things to keep him occupied (for in the hotel when he is with his grandparents). I bought him the Hungry Hungry Hippo game, a huge set of washable markers and a pad of paper, 2 little things that fling foam airplanes and a Superman figurine. The Superman guy is going to be his favorite- he’s gaga over him and he’s only seen a movie trailer here and there! If it catches his fancy (aka becomes the “toy of the week”, lol) he’ll carry it around with him everywhere and stay relatively occupied. He has his portable DVD player when all else fails as well.

Baby Shower

We ended up having a great party last night. Many of DH’s coworkers came to wish our little family best wishes. Mary K outdid herself with an assortment of goodies including 3 dips she made herself. Her punch recipe was really good as well- 1 can pineapple juice, 2 cans thawed OJ concentrate, juice of 1 lemon, 1 T vanilla and 3 20 oz bottles of Sprite. Mmmmm! The cake was especially beautiful and she had them design it with airplanes! As you can see, Bren loved it as well.

See the toddler finger sized spot missing?! LOL.

We received lots of nice gifts… here are some:
Several onesies and outfits in various sizes
lil booties and a pair of crocheted slippers
small and large Avent bottles to fit on my pump
an airplane themed photo album
a hanging toy to clip on the carseat and wrist rattles
a “My brother and Me” picture frame
2 nice blankets
a Baby Einstein music CD
2 Babies R Us gift cards
2 Target gift cards
an HEB gift card
a JCPenney gift card
As a bonus, Bren did not hide under any tables though he did run off a few times. There were 2 little boys there that played airplanes with him. We all had a great time. DH works with some very sweet people! I wish I had thought to dress Bren in his “I’m the Big Brother” shirt though. Doh!

36w4d OB appt

Well, my Aunt backed out on our dinner plans, Bren was a stinkopotamus at Little Gym and completely wasted 3/4 of his class time there & I still am not dilated at all. Nor effaced. And I’ve been bleeding some since the exam. She says I am soft and ready to get a move on though. Been one bummer of a day.
I really thought “oh-no” when she measured me because she got the “boy, you’re big” look on her face. But she wrote down 40 cm and that is the same as last week. Baby is most probably head down (she didn’t argue when I mentioned how I thought he was positioned anyway) and she did the bouncy-bouncy test and he is still floating. I didn’t know you could do that test before you were effaced and dilated some.
Heartbeat still in the 150s. Gained 3 pounds (in 6 days, LOL). She didn’t bring up anything to do with an ultrasound. No protein or sugar in my urine and I’m Group Beta Strep negative. Yay!
4 1/2 weeks left to get myself into labor. I am tired and grumpy and starting to really feel it now.

PTing update

I forgot to mention that 2 days ago Bren actually asked to go potty in the middle of another activity and nowhere near the potty. We were at Little Gym. So off we trotted and he actually did go!
We still are only catching roughly 30% of his output (on a good day) but I can feel the impact in how long a package of training pants lasts. He wears size 6s now (5s fit but give him horrible wedgies) in the Pampers Easy Ups. You only get 33 for $14.50!! I had to laugh when I bought the 204 count box of Pampers size 1-2s for the baby. $25 and I got free wipes and an Olay pamper mommy kit as well. My only complaint with Easy Ups is that they’ve reduced the material between the legs a smidge too much. Pull-Ups have nasty plasticy sides and White Clouds (though preferable to PUs) also have plasticy sides but my main complaint with them is the quality of manufacturing. HALF of the bag I bought either had funky tufts of material coming from one side that I had to trim off or the design was only half printed on them. ??? I had more srew ups in that one package than I’ve had total in 2 years in Easy Ups.

OB appt

Excellent B/P- 118/66 I think it was…
Heartbeat was the ever same 150s
I gained 4 pounds-total of 20 by my scale at home- guess I can’t gain anymore as 15-20 was my goal LOL
Measured 1 week bigger in the last 2 weeks so I am 4 weeks ahead at 40 cm
Nothing to complain about really except that my body is not prepping for this birth one single bit. NOTHING is going on yet. Sigh… I get the Group Beta Strep test results at my next appt on Monday.

Bren’s first smiley face

Bren got a new computer game last night. It’s a 4 CD Jumpstart Preschool set. It includes JS Toddler, JS Preschool Advanced, JS Language Club and JS Art. I installed the Toddler CD last night and Bren has been exploring it. On it there is a simple coloring and drawing game. Bren drew this just a few minutes ago and I quickly hit print:

I realize some squinting may be involved but let me tell you what he said as he drew each part.
1. He drew the curve along the bottom and then the top left circle. He looked at it critically for a second and then called me over. “Hey Mama- check it out! It’s happy!”
2. Next he drew the sorta flattened circle to the right of the first circle. “An eye…”
3. Finally he drew the long heart shape that runs over the last circle. “And a nose!”
Tada! A smiley face! Before I got to print it, he had added the line between the 2 eyes. 😀
Then he proceeded to draw a new pic with a wavy up and down line. “It’s swim!” 😀
Then he went on and taught himself the “fill-in” tool and has been coloring pre-designed pages with it since.