Not happy at all

My RE is going on vacation from October 3-20th. My appointment had been set for October 4th. Now it has been moved down by 3 weeks to October 25th. Which also happens to be my birthday. It’s at 2:30. I have no choice but to be patient and wait.
Also, our car is in the shop for the 6th time this month. Seems like no one can figure out what is wrong with it.

Emerging alphabetically

Bren has made some headway into the world of the alphabet. His rendition of the ABCs is definitely garbled still but he is identifying a few letters and a few sounds too.
For example, I was on the computer yesterday and he grappled his way up the desk to sit on the small patch of desk that is empty beside the keyboard. He loves to sit there. It’s cute sometimes and annoying at others because if you don’t give him your full attention he starts pounding keys or covering up the screen with his hands. LOL. Anyway, he was quiet for a bit and then he leaned over and pointed to the R key. He said “R”. I looked at him in surprise and praised him. He then proceeded to identify the D key!!
Also, last night during bathtime, he picked up a foam letter C and started saying the C sound over and over- without prompting. And if you ask him “What does A (or B) say?” he will often get those right too.

OPK trial run

The OPK trial has not cleared up any questions thus far. I started testing a week ago and got these results (the line has to be equal to or darker than the control line for a +):
medium (pretty close to a positive but definitely not)
blank (yesterday)
Looks like my body gave it an effort but did not succeed.
So I have come to 1 of 2 conclusions:
1. I will not ovulate this month/ the Metformin isn’t having me ovulate without Clomid
2. I haven’t ovulated yet and need to keep taking OPKs. I guessed that I would ovulate on the 1st anyway so that’d mean a + opk today or tomorrow. I could also be late a couple days.
In any case, my body still isn’t normal like this:

Chicken Satay Kabobs with Peanut Sauce

WOW!!! This was the best chicken I have ever eaten!!! All my thumbs up! I have got to praise this spice company once more!!!
This time, this spice packet is what I used, with chicken, and I followed their instructions exactly and marinated the cubed chicken pieces for over 2 hours. I grilled the kabobs with cherry tomatoes and a foil packet of onions & shallots drizzled with olive oil. I made my own recipe of Indian rice and my own recipe of peanut sauce (invented today!). We also grilled some sourdough bread with a mixture of melted butter and garlic powder spread on it.
My Indian rice recipe:
Pour the following in a saucepan:
1 can chicken broth
1 dash chili powder
1 dash onion powder
1 dash chives
1 dash dried parsley
1 t garlic powder
1 t cumin
1 small bell pepper, diced
a drizzle of olive oil
Bring to a boil. Add 1 3/4 cup “minute” rice. Stir once and cover. Remove from heat and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
My peanut sauce:
Stir together:
4T peanut butter
2 drops pepper sauce
1/4 t ginger
1 t minced garlic
pinch salt
pinch onion powder
pinch sugar or Splenda
1/4 t chili powder
Make into a patty and fry in 1/2 t sesame oil. Be careful not to burn. Add:
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup milk (next time I will try coconut milk)
Stir until creamy. Cook until it is the thickness you want.

The great poo poo mystery

TMI throughout this post!!
The scene:
I am in the kitchen. Bren is sitting on my bed watching Pooh Sing Along Songs. I hear the unmistakable sound of the toilet lid falling. I go running in and find Brendan in front of the toilet. There is poop on his hand (but it is not wet) and in the toilet. He is diaper less. After searching for his diaper I discover it on the bed- absolutely clean and fresh smelling. I find no traces of poop anywhere else.
So- did he poop somewhere and grab it and then put it in the toilet? Remember, there was no evidence of poop anywhere else (and it was a sticky poop- it took 3 wipes to clean his butt)
Or- did he climb up onto the seat and poop like a big boy- and play with it as it emerged or maybe try to clean it off himself? Remember, he has not been on the potty in months even though he likes to watch us on occassion. To my knowledge he has never climbed up on the toilet himself though he climbs everywhere else.
I am undecided…

Indian food

DH and I went to an oriental market a few days ago to find some candy that he could pass out at a “see what clubs our university offers” event. He sponsors the Japanese Anime club. While we were there I bought a couple of Indian food spice pouches that looked interesting. They are not dried spices, but fresh spices made into a thick paste and sealed in plastic.
Tonight I am making tandoori chicken over rice. The pouch says to mix the spices with 1/2 c yogurt and use as a marinade for chicken for kabobs.
Well, I didn’t have any raw chicken- only great quality precooked chicken breasts. So I cubed the cooked chicken and I plan on making a platter of rice with the cubed chicken on top and then topping it all with the sauce. I am using double the yogurt since I don’t want a really powerful marinade- just a creamy sauce. I just dipped my finger in it and IT IS SOOO GOOOD!
I love it when you get a yummy bold food that’s bursting with flavor that’s still low in calories & fat. 1 cup rice with 1 large chicken breast= 360 calories and 1/4 the sauce mixture is less than 40 calories.
Anyway, here is what my packet looks like:

Their website is
I have the Satay spice packet for another night. I am looking forward to also trying Kraft’s “Latin Slaw” & “Foil Pack Chicken & Artichokes” sometime in the future as well. Looking for neat recipes always cheers me up. 😉
Edited to add: It was fantastic!!!! 😀

Warning: crappy mood vent

I have no patience, the house is a mess, Brendan is a whiney-butt, I have a headache and need more sleep… the laundry has piled up, my plants are dying from this extreme heat, we keep having car issues… UGH! I need a night out! I need a week off! I need to do something interesting instead of sit on my butt at home all day. But to do that a person needs MONEY!! Cryyyyy.
Winnie the Pooh Live is coming to town but it’d cost us $45 for the cheap seats! 👿 Bren is such a Pooh fanatic that I may just break my CC-free living policy… we need entertainment!!!!
We started going to our library’s storytime and crafts for little kids on Wednesdays. Bren would NOT go sit on the floor to hear the story and he burst into tears when we cut a cup in half to do a craft. 😥 He did enjoy a bit of painting though. And then we find out that they are probably phasing out the evening storytime session because the lady is going to have a baby. WAAAHHH!!! We had a nice McDonald’s supper afterwards (you know you are going plum-nutso when McDonald’s is your idea of NICE) where he ran around with a few little boys in the playground. It was just too hot to stay long though. DH & I promised each other we’d go more often and let him play once it got a bit cooler.
Sure wish we could take him to a Little Gym or Gymboree. I wonder how much it costs now. Probably $15 a class. One of the Gymborees has a 11:00 on Satudays class for his age too.

More cute character names

Bren called Rabbit “Wah-bat” and Eeyore “E-R”. LOL.
He also said “All better” & “Help (“hep”, lol) me” today.
I bought him the highly recommended Letter Factory dvd today. He seems to really like it. It’s great for both letter identification and sounds.

Easiest 3 letter word groups

**I made a few corrections to the “Easiest 3 Letter Words” list** Two words slipped by- neither car nor sir follow simple letter by letter phonics. Also, I added 2 more words- led and win.
I took the Easiest 3 Letter Words list and grouped them by ending. Most teachers I know start basic word forming lessons with similar words. This is a great list for fridge magnets or letter tiles as it is easy to point out that you are changing just one letter. Not all the words in the original list could be grouped but probably 80% made it to this list.