My boy and his techno needs

Yesterday when I brought up the Starfall ABC page I left to go get a drink and Bren climbed into the pilot’s seat. He started using the mouse (he knows how to put the cursor over something from his Reader Rabbit game) so I sat down and showed him how to click. HE GOT IT! He completely understands how to use a mouse now but he has execution problems. The mouse we have is extra large becaue DH gets sore hands on smaller mice. That makes it difficult for Bren though. By the time Bren moves to an object and goes to click the button, he has accidently moved off the object. He often accidently right-clicks too.
So I ebayed and won him a little Winnie the Pooh kid’s mouse that clicks when you squeeze any part of the top of it. I am hoping it doesn’t have a right button. I am going to set it up so that both mice are on the computer at the same time. I also made the arrow cursor larger and slowed the cursor function down (both done in control panel).
My son… he is JUST like his daddy. 😀

Boy talk

Last night, my jaw dropped in amazement as Brendan started spurting forth the alphabet. Today, I was able to pay attention to the actual letters. He says, “Q R S T U R…Y…Z!!!” Why he starts in the middle, I have no idea! He continues to practice his numbers as well, consistantly missing seven and ten.
Also from today:
“Where did colors go?”
[Opens crayon box]
“There the colors are!”
I think he needs a specialist. He not only talks to himself, but he answers himself as well. LOL
We have an embarrassing amount of very tall sunflowers growing in our easement. The birds that live in the trees above moust have dropped sunflower seeds and started the plants. I cut some yesterday and put them on the table. Brendan really appreciated them. I don’t know where he picked up “flowers” but his pronunciation is cute- “FLAASH”.

Level up in math skills

I started counting my fingers with Bren today and he said, “One, teeew, free, four, five.” He stopped there so I repeated “five” and he continued on with “six”. I said “seven”. Then, he said “eight, nine” and I finished with “ten”.
All in all, he only missed 7 and 10!!! You go Bren! I guess Sesame Street has been helping! 😀

Boy achievements

Bren now says “oops”, “made a mess” and “What’s the matter?” 😀 He picks up his own box of crayons when asked after he dumps them (about 3x per day, lol). He also eats at the table with us- I lowered his highchair a bit and it fits well. He now wears size 2T-3T Pampers Feel & Learn disposable training pants. He ran out of diapers and I found a great deal on the pants so he’s into them now. Still haven’t started real pottying.
I love how whenever I sit on the floor he comes and sits in my lap. Never fails. 😉

Baby Hopes

I just ordered 25 Ovulation predictor tests from They were having a sale- I basically got 11 of them for $2.00. I am excited to be doing stuff like this once more. 😀
So, guess what I was doing this month, 3 years ago? Ordering from No kidding. It’s a lucky sign because the next cycle I conceived Brendan!

Status, please!

Bawk, bawk. Both DH and I have been chicken lately in calling our RE’s office to find out the status of our 5 remaining vials of donor semen. Having already checked, our chosen donor does not donate any longer and all his surplus stock have been sold. So these 5 vials are very important to me- they represent Brendan’s only chance for a full sibling(s). I’d be pissed if something had happened to them because even if I would have to pay more than $1200 to replace them with an alternate donor’s semen, they are really irreplacable- and priceless. [/end MC ad]
Not that I wouldn’t proceed with a new donor (after finding the $$$ somewhere), but I think I will breathe easier if I get pregnant with spermies that I have tangoed with before. You know, I wouldn’t worry so much that the baby is purple with green spots. I’ve seen a beautiful child born of this particular sperm/egg mix. It works and I know I am compatible with it. I’ll worry plenty. I just won’t worry that it’ll be beautiful.
Well, Darrell came through and called a few minutes ago. All right. I’ll admit it. I begged him to call. 😉 He talked to a nurse about how we sent letters and they never responded. She didn’t know why but she DID go check on our little soldiers… and they are fine. Whew! ::Jen melts into puddle on ground:: Don’t know WHY I was so nervous, but when it comes to something that important… well, you just worry.
The nurse is going to initiate the retrieval of our records from their storage facilities so they’ll be handy and next week I will call and make the initial appointment. October 3rd if I can. The 1st of October had to be a Saturday. And watch, I’ll be on CD#4 and have to wait an entire cycle to start. Heh. CD #3-7 on 150 mg Clomid and 1500 mg Metformin XR worked for me- I ain’t changing a thing.
Isn’t it very, very odd that sperm have only traveled through me once in my entire lifetime??? I wonder if frozen semen degrades over time. I guess it has to. I wonder how fast that happens? Has there been a study comparing 6 month old samples to, say, 5 year old samples? I am so nervous to be getting into this mess of emotion and drugs and bodily invasions again. Doctors with their cold instruments. The copious amounts of money it takes. The horrific mood Clomid puts me in- and hot flashes it gives me. The waiting for everything. Oh God, I hated the waiting. The not knowing. The fervent wishing paired with the dashing of Hope of a stupid chemical and urine laced strip of paper that refuses to yield a 2nd line.
I can’t wait.

Brendan went peepee in the potty!

Yay! He’s been testing out the potty for more than a week but it’s always been after he’s pulled off a wet diaper. This time was just after he ate lunch and I noticed he was still dry after 1 1/2 sippies of drink. And after taking a long, long time (I mean, I finally went to go get the rest of my lunch because he didn’t want to get down) he let out a squirt of pee. He was thrilled, I was thrilled. Itsa start!!! I am not going into full throttle PTing just yet. The roomies are moving in 3 days and that’s enough of a change right now.


Brendan has learned to use a mouse enough to play his Toddler Pooh game (He can click the buttons but not yet with the purpose of clicking a certain object. This game doesn’t need that skill). He moves the cursor over a balloon and it pops. It takes a lot of hand eye coordination! He’s getting so grown up!! Just look at him!

And here he is at a fish-fry my in-laws held a few weeks ago:

And Devil-Bren. LOL.