13 weeks

Happy 2nd trimester (according to most)!!!! Decided to do the amnio- scheduled for the friday before Christmas. Might as well know with certainty if anything is abnormal. I hope we find out the gender prior ro Christmas but we’ll definitely know for certain when the amnio results come back… somewhere around the end of the year.
My morning sickness is drastically better! YAY!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Next OB appt Dec 1st.


199 days until the c-section. Yeesh, that sure sounds far away.
I have an appt with a perinatologist on the 19th to do the “integrated screening” test… basically a detailed ultrasound and bloodwork. Supposed to be 92% accurate in diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities. It’s the “quad screen” + additional bloodwork a few weeks later.
Had my worst vomiting ever a few days ago… right after a large hamburger, potato & macaroni salads and fruits with fruit dip meal. Took me 2 hours to feel mostly better. My eyes and throat were still sore the next morning. Food clogged my nose completely and was very hard to get out. Ugh!!!

10w0d OB appt

10w0d. Baby measured 9w6d- 2.93 cm. So I caught up 3 of the 4 days it was behind in only 11 days!! Better stop eating those carbs! LOL! Heartbeat was 177. Baby was wiggling a lot! It was great to see lil arms and legs.
I have a 3 cm bleed between the sac and the uterus but it shouldn’t be an issue. My placenta is at the top of my uterus along the front so I might not feel movement for some time. Sigh.
Barring any complications, I’ll be delivering by c-section on May 24th. 29 weeks exactly!
I have to make an appt to see a perinatologist for 2 weeks from now for some bloodwork and another ultrasound to check for any genetic abnormalities since I’m 35. Sure beats an amniocentisis!
Fun note… the “freebie” formula kit is getting smaller! With Brendan I got a full can of powdered formula, with Andy a half size can and with this one, 2 ready to feed 2oz bottles. And samples of 8 different types pf prenatal vitamins!! 😆
I also gave my 4 vials to the vampires.
Regarding the morning sickness… either B6 is a miracle vitamin or this is my “feel good baby” as my OB says. 😀 I’ve only vomited 2 times total, had a couple other close calls but the last 4 days or so have been great. Plenty of tiredness but little nausea!