Truly Delicious Low Carb Waffles

I’ve tried many low carb pancake recipes (they all sucked!) but this was the first low carb waffle recipe. They weren’t good for low carb- they were just plain good! Very light! My recipe is slightly modified from this oopsie waffles recipe. Now I’ve got to try the original oopsie rolls!
Low carb waffles
Serves about 5 people
(my waffles maker makes large circle waffles divided into quarters and a serving is 2 of these)
8 eggs (separated!)
8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
1/3 t cream of tartar
1/3 t baking soda
1 t almond extract (could also use vanilla but almond is better!)
2 drops of EZSweetz (or 1 pkt sweetener of choice)
1 scoop protein powder (I used Jay Robb vanilla)
1/2 stick butter, melted
1/3 cup SF pancake syrup (I used DaVinci’s Sugar Free pancake syrup)
SF whipped cream (I used Land O’ Lakes)
In a large mixing bowl, whip the egg whites (no speck of yolk at all!) and the cream of tartar at highest speed until very stiff. The mixture will puff up and almost fill a large bowl. When in doubt, beat it some more- it can take 5-15 minutes depending on your mixer. Carefully transfer to another large clean bowl if you need to use your mixer bowl for the next step.
Mix together egg yolks, cream cheese, almond extract, sweetener, baking soda and protein powder, adding one at a time on medium speed.
Carefully fold the yolk mixture into the egg white mixture, 1/3 of the batch at a time. Go easy- it should not be perfectly blended… you will see little spots of white and that is fine. Try not to lose the fluffiness. Let this sit for 5-10 minutes as you preheat your waffle iron to it’s highest heat setting.
Make waffles with the batter according to your waffle maker’s instructions. Oil or spray cooking spray between each and every waffle or they will stick badly! They should be a dark golden brown and very light when done.
Meanwhile, melt 1/2 stick of butter in microwave. Add syrup and mix well. Top waffles with several spoonfuls of hot syrup mixture and lots of whipped cream. 🙂 Enjoy!

50 things about Kayley as she turns 1 year old

It’s Tradition!!! Happy Birthday Lil Sweetie!

1. Her favorite toy is a baby Ipod that plays music.
2. But she likes anything with music and lights.
3. She’s a pacifier fiend.
4. DH showed me how a pacifier fit into one of the many circles in a toy ball of hers. I amused her for a long, long time last night by filling the whole ball with pacifiers, all facing out and suckable. 🙂
5. She’s a smart cookie!
6. She’s pretty too with adorable curls along the bottom and over her ears.
7. She cruise along furniture very well.
8. She likes to let go for a few seconds when no one is looking and laughs at her game.
9. She has said many words and we suspect several phrases. Her current favorite is “ball”.
10. She has quite a shrill shriek to her too!
11. She hates being alone.
12. She loves the bathroom.
13. She even more loves going outside.
14. She can watch cars drive by forever, I think.
15. She likes getting into things… our computers, books, dumping puzzles…
16. She does not and never has liked bananas.
17. She does not like to lie still for diaper changes.
18. She weighs 19 pounds.
19. She wears size 4 Pampers Cruisers- and has for awhile now- but she shouldn’t be able to fit in them yet!
20. She’s also quite tall for her age.
21. She likes Gerber yogurt melts.
22. She loves bath time.
23. She loves going places.
24. She likes cinnamon cheerios. She hates baby puffs.
25. She likes American cheese.
26. And chicken. A lot!
27. She drinks about 5 oz formula at a time. Sometimes. She’s a petite drinkers but babbles in delight when she sees her bottle.
28. She prefers us to leave a bottle on the floor so she can grab a drink when she wants one.
29. She has a beautiful coo that she lets out when something pleases her.
30. She’s definitely a people person- she learned our names quite early on!
31. She will sit when you ask.
32. She will also give you her pacifier if you ask.
33. But she prefers you to play the pacifier game and take it from her mouth with your mouth and then give it back. Haha.
34. She sleeps with mama at night. More often than not she naps in her crib or the car.
35. She likes peas and yogurt.
36. She loves to play with our cell phones. She holds it up and says “Hello”.
37. She likes butterflies.
38. And pizza.
39. She loves to be danced with.
40. She likes to be surprised and startled.
41. She is very ticklish. Especially when I nibble her ribs and sides.
42. She likes it when her belly button is booped.
43. She likes playing peekaboo.
44. And “This Little Piggy”.
45. She beams when you tell her good job.
46. Loves to have her clothes taken off.
47. Loves to see a particular magic rainbow spell on a game called “Wizard101”! She goes crazy!
48. Loves to crawl in the sand and tiny waves of the ocean.
49. Loves to clean out the cupboards and drawers.
50. She is very much adored by everyone. And they stop to tell us so! Love you baby girl!
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