Lucky 7s

7 things I plan to do before I die:
Have a daughter
Give birth vaginally without drugs
Take a chocolate tour of Europe
Be financially well off so I can buy DH everything he wants
Design my own house and have it built
Live in a cooler climate
Weigh 175 pounds
7 things I can do:
Cook neat things
Grow my own tomatoes
Play computer games with DH
Kiss & Hug my son & husband
Get pregnant
Be thankful for what I have
7 things I cannot do:
Drive in fast traffic or to unknown places
Touch snakes
Keep my family 100% safe
Fall asleep quickly
Have fun when I’m too hot
Go shopping without feeling guilty
Afford a maid
7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
Wonderful personality
Blue eyes
Clean appearance
Thinks I am wonderful
7 things I say most often:
“I love you”
“When are you coming home?”
“Can I have a kiss, Brendan?”
“It’s 647 not 674”
“Get down Brendan”
“I’m tired”
“I want some [fill in with featured dessert choice]”
7 things I want from my country:
Health insurance
Lower taxes
Better Social Security plan
Better help for the poor
For this war to be finished quickly
Higher minimum wage
Day care and medical fees linked to income level
7 things I hope will happen by the start of next year:
Get pregnant with twin girls
DH gets a raise or new job he likes equally with better pay
We get snow
Brendan learns to identify all the letters of the alphabet
DH takes me on a surprise trip somewhere
We win enough money to pay off our credit cards
My brother’s wife remains cancer free