Brief update

Bren and I are sick with colds so this will be short.
I am on cycle day 5 now. Third dose of Clomid is tonight. So far so good- just a few hot flashes. The Clomid did lighten up AF considerably but she is still here.
Some new things Bren says:
“in trouble”
“clean up”
And all of a sudden he calls us “Mom” (instead of Mama) and “Dad” (instead of Dada). I can’t figure that one out because I refer to DH as Daddy and he calls me Mama.

Official welcome to ttcland

Today is cycle day #1!!! Here we go! I take my first Clomid pills on Monday after I fill the prescription!
I kinda “quizzed” Bren on his ABCs today. I sat down with him and wrote each letter on a sticky pad one at a time. I’d ask him what is was and he’d tell me. Then he’d sing the letter sound song, like this:
“The A says “ah”,
The A says “ah”,
Every letter makes a sound,
The A says “ah”!”
He loved it! He always ended the song with “What’s next?” 😀
Progress Report:
He didn’t recognize the follwing letters:
L (he called it M)
N (he called it M)
U (he called it “up”)
V (he called it B)
Z (he called it C)
He got the following sounds wrong:
G (he said “juh”)
R (he said R)
I am sooo impressed! Whatta boy! 😀 Gold star for a 2 1/2 year old!

Baked Cream Cheese Appetizer

I think I figured out an appetizer for a small Thanksgiving meal we are having with a friend. Let me know what you think. I got the idea for it from Kraft’s Food & Family magazine but didn’t want to do pesto in the middle. I made up the filling and the rolling it in ranch mix. I really wanted chives or green onion in it but DH despises onions.
Take a block of cream cheese and cut it down the middle (think deck of cards cut). Sandwich a mixture of minced salami, minced garlic, shredded sharp cheddar and a few drops tanasco in between the halves (may have to moisten it to stay together). Roll the whole brick of cheeses in a layer of dry ranch dip mix. Wrap in a sheet of crescent roll dough. Brush with egg. Bake at 350 for 15-18 min until golden. Cool 10 minutes. Serve warm with assorted crackers.

Potty training update

Worthless effort. He not only will not go in the potty still but he won’t sit on the potty happily anymore or tell me after-the-fact that he has “pee-pees”. We’ve gone BACKWARDS!
The last few days I’ve had him in a cloth trainer covered in plastic pants. I’ve kind of gotten into a routine with it so it isn’t so bad unless he pees twice in one or just goes all out. Then it is major cleaning. But it hasn’t helped. He just doesn’t care if he is wet much less what to do about it. Candy does nothing.
Guess I have a late bloomer.
In other news, Bren is really loving his toddler-sized Lego blocks. He puts them together into a large wall and tells me it is a castle. 😀